Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Updates and some housekeeping.

Hello beauties :) It's been a while since I've posted here, over two years in fact. Since my last post a lot has changed in my life. I've been through some huge ups and downs both personally and professionally. I've changed career entirely and I am so much happier as a result.

My new job has definitely had it downers, I've lost friends, gained them back, and lost some I'll probably never get back. Not through any fault of mine or theirs, that's just the way it is. I didn't think it would be a lesson I had to learn, how to lose a friend without having any anger, just acceptance and being able to let go.

I've moved from a small country town to the big city, and eventually the love of my life moved here too. Four years of long distance was both beneficial and devastating to our relationship. We learnt a lot about jealousy, distance, boundaries and above all - communication. The distance tested us, weeks passing before we got to spend one night together only to wait more weeks for the next. When we finally lived together again everything fell in to place. It was a relief to learn that all the growing we'd done over the past four years hadn't driven us apart, and we'd managed to grow together. We're lucky, we still have the same goals, the same opinions about the big things, and I won't lie, sometimes we look at other couples and wonder how they work.

Still, that's not for us to pass judgement, to each their own. Within reason of course.

And here we are. We've just bought our first home. Nothing flash and it's in a suburb with a medium to lower demographic, but we have a big backyard and our 45kg ball of fluff loves it. It's not our forever home, and our plan is to buy another at the end of this year. Did you laugh? Yeah I laugh too, but still it's good to have goals.

This blog will follow my journey as I try to reach those goals. I'm not extraordinary, but I like to imagine that I'm capable of great things. Baby steps. Start small. The first great thing I want to prove is buying our second home. From there we'll find new great things to work toward. Welcome back and again, sorry for the extended hiatus.

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