Thursday, 19 July 2012

Oh My Apologies are Fierce!

Hello my lovelies! I am so sorry to have been so incredibly lax that my last post was OVER A MONTH AGO. Shocking, and really, truly, I am sorry.

I check in with an EXCITING (for me) update! Work has decided to send me to Bali for 5 nights as a 'Thank you for your hard work' reward :) I will be going with another friend of mine that works in our southern office and it shall be AMAZING!

This, and my previous travels to obscure beaches had prompted a change in blogging, from writing and organizing - to travel! Feel free to follow more consistent updates at One Step Around the World of my travels, where I've been, where to go, my bucket list, a bit about me and what's in store!

I shall still tend to this lovely writerly blog of mine from time to time and I miss you all and still follow all your blogs my lovelies :)

Best wishes & unicorn kisses xx

Julz Perri


  1. Well aren't you the miss traveler! Have fun with your trip and please, please, PLEASE post pictures! :)

  2. Hi Diane! Thank you for the well wishes! I will definitely be posting pics on here :) And links to even more pics on the travel blog too!

    Hope you and your writing are going well, and you're beautiful little pup!