Monday, 21 May 2012

The Feature Article

Hey all you lovely people out there, whether you are writers or not I think that everyone will have read a feature article in their life. If you are a writer, even if you're strictly a novelist, short story writer or poet... the feature article is a form of writing that is applicable to everybody in everyday life. That spread in women's weekly about the man that died under a brick wall? Feature article. The article on Anna Bligh in the Financial Review's BOSS magazine? Feature Article.* So... you may ask why I have decided to harp on about this form of writing. Well, for starters we have looked at it during my studies, but the main reason is because of something my lecturer said.


I listen to all my lectures in the car, it works out pretty well because my commute to work usually works out to be around the same length as my lectures. I was listening to the lecture on feature articles (and I must admit, doing a fair bit of daydreaming as I was stopped at the lights) when I heard the lecturer say these five words;

"You could do it now"

I was like - what can I do now? He went on to explain that interviews, good research and an ethical approach was all we needed in order to go ahead and write a feature article to submit to a publication. We'd learnt how to interview, research and behave ethically, and he simply said that now we know what a feature article entails, that we could go ahead and write one. Perhaps even get it published. It opened up worlds for me, those five simple words.

At first had a rush of self-doubt flood my mind. Surely I couldn't write a feature article to be published, I mean who was I? Who would want to read what I'd written, I'm pretty boring. However it all started to sink in and I realised that this is how you start.


I fully intend to write (and maybe) publish novels in my future, however I felt strangely connected to the idea of writing a feature article. The way the lecturer explained 'getting in' the situation you're discussing and bringing your own personal discovery to the article enthralled me. I imagined already what I'd write about the hot topic of violence in Northbridge. I imagined myself driving around the suburb at 2am, having never experienced clubbing there myself, getting a first hand account of whether the violence was true, exaggerated or understated and then bringing the opinion of a 20 yo that doesn't club to the table. I know this probably doesn't translate and is terribly boring to many of you - but in that one moment my eyes were opened to the vast world of opportunity that awaits me.

Have any of you experienced an 'eye opening moment' that defined your career as a writer? Or even your hobby as a writer, or something that contributed to your success?

I'd love to hear from you :)

Love, hugs & unicorn kisses xoxo

*My apologies to those of you from around the world for all the Australian references, but I am Australian so there you go!


  1. I was paid $15.00 to write an article that I pitched last year. If you want to read it, it's on a game I used to play called Legends of Kyrandia

    It was fun to write it, and to get a small fee was icing on the cake. It could have been $1.00 and I'd have been happy. :D

    Good luck with your articles!

    1. That's fantastic! Congrats :)

      I'll definitely have to have a read of that one! I'm so excited about the possibilities :D