Wednesday, 23 May 2012

So the universe keeps on trying.... [Language Warning]

To get me down. And after a quick sob, an undeserving rant at the lover (sorry hun) and a coffee I'm determined that it's not going to work. You may have read an earlier post of mine about how life keeps trying to punch me in the face. Well today I had a tad more greeeaaaaaat news. (I really do wish there was a font for sarcasm).

After getting my car all fixed up to go over the pits again the ABS light came on. Yay. So I dropped it off at the auto electricians this morning to get it looked at. I expected a couple hundred bucks - what more can the world charge me? I just received a lovely phone call from a rather empathetic chap (but I think I like people too much) kindly informing that my whole ABS module is rooted and it will cost me $2600 to replace. Roughly. That's when my eyes got a smidge watery, wondering how in hell I'm supposed to pay all these bills. Then he kindly went on to explain what had gone wrong. Ready for this one? He said;

"Have you had your engine cleaned recently?"

My heart dropped. Why yes, yes I have actually. It was on the list I received from the vehicle examination centre.

"Oh," he said, "Well the reason behind it is that there is extensive corrosion from steam/pressure cleaning that has pushed water past the plugs."

Extensive? It was done a week ago! EXTENSIVE CORROSION! Those fuckers. Those fuckers I paid $1360 to fix my car had caused a MORE EXPENSIVE PROBLEM! I want to go back to that place and hi five them. In the face. With my foot. Or maybe my handbag. If I fill it with rocks first.

So I don't really know what is going to happen now because I don't have the money they want to fix it. I can drive the car around ok without fixing it but will it pass the examination? Probably not. That's the next phone call I plan on making - to check that out. Maybe I'll just get rid of it unregistered and buy a piece of crap in it's place.

Any of you care to share? Misery does indeed love company - any advice? Have you ever been in a similar 'life sucks' situation?

Love & hugs xx


  1. Tell the guy, "Please just clear the message from the computer. I will consider a replacement part at a later time as I cannot afford it now. Thanks."

    And don't let them scare you into believing you need to do something now or else.

    Consider investing in a small scooter, too! Very simple to maintain and fun to drive around. :)

    1. Unfortunately my car needs to pass a vehicle examination as the registration lapsed and this needs to be fixed before it can pass :( They actually cleared the message from the computer and the light came back on straight away.

      I would definitely love to get a scooter but that will have to wait until I own my car unfortunately!

      Thanks for the advice through :) It's definitely going to be a long drawn out process!

  2. Is getting another car an option (even if it's a beater?) You might make out better than if you pay up front to these obvious rip-off artists (can you tell I hate dollar-sucking repairmen?) Having an oldish car does suck--I had to do this once a few years ago-- but it might be a better alternative to cashing out to the scumbags.

    I wish I had better advice to give you than "keep moving forward" (much easier said than done, I know) but positive energy does beget positive reactions. It might take time but keep the faith-- I know things'll work out for you in the end. The only way they won't is if you don't give them the opportunity to...meaning don't give up!

    In the meantime, do what you can to lean on others in your support network. It might not alleviate the financial burden, but it should help with the emotional one.

    Keep on trucking! You seem like a very determined person; I have faith you'll make it thru this!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments!

      I know that 'keep moving forward' is the only real option at the moment! I've decided to take it to consumer affairs because that's the best (and right) move, even though it means more delays.

      I still owe around 10 grand on my current vehicle, if I didn't I would probably cut my losses, sell it to the scrappers and buy a banger but I don't have the funds to purchase a mud scraper for the moment unfortunately!

      Thank you again so much for your reassurance and kind words, they have really helped keep my mood up!