Monday, 28 May 2012

I love a sunburnt country...

A land of sweeping plains, off ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. You can find that poem here. It's an iconic poem about Australia written by Dorothea MacKellar that seemed fitting to open this post. Why? Well I have had a revelation my wonderful lovelies. I love my country. I think my whole life I've taken for granted how fantastic this place is. I'm so lucky to live here. I've seen but a tiny part of this massive, beautiful country and I can't wait to see more. While travelling overseas is definitely on my list - why not discover this grand beauty that is right in my backyard? I'm so lucky. We were scarcely touched by the GFC and finding jobs (I have found) is still pretty darn easy (I've heard it's not such a delight for you Americans out there!).

This is the Australia I know (and love);



How lucky am I? Well we have this; 


And these. These are the places I want to discover.... (beware, there are many)














And these are the people I want to meet;






There is just so much to see and do in this beautiful country :) I'm so excited to travel it with my lover over the next few years.

Do you have a jewel of a country that you've taken for granted? Where've you been? Where will you go? What places have you not even considered a great destination to explore that are right under your nose?

Love, hugs & unicorn kisses.

Disclaimer: I own none of the above photos. All have been sourced from Pinterest with a link to the publishing website shown beneath each picture.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

So the universe keeps on trying.... [Language Warning]

To get me down. And after a quick sob, an undeserving rant at the lover (sorry hun) and a coffee I'm determined that it's not going to work. You may have read an earlier post of mine about how life keeps trying to punch me in the face. Well today I had a tad more greeeaaaaaat news. (I really do wish there was a font for sarcasm).

After getting my car all fixed up to go over the pits again the ABS light came on. Yay. So I dropped it off at the auto electricians this morning to get it looked at. I expected a couple hundred bucks - what more can the world charge me? I just received a lovely phone call from a rather empathetic chap (but I think I like people too much) kindly informing that my whole ABS module is rooted and it will cost me $2600 to replace. Roughly. That's when my eyes got a smidge watery, wondering how in hell I'm supposed to pay all these bills. Then he kindly went on to explain what had gone wrong. Ready for this one? He said;

"Have you had your engine cleaned recently?"

My heart dropped. Why yes, yes I have actually. It was on the list I received from the vehicle examination centre.

"Oh," he said, "Well the reason behind it is that there is extensive corrosion from steam/pressure cleaning that has pushed water past the plugs."

Extensive? It was done a week ago! EXTENSIVE CORROSION! Those fuckers. Those fuckers I paid $1360 to fix my car had caused a MORE EXPENSIVE PROBLEM! I want to go back to that place and hi five them. In the face. With my foot. Or maybe my handbag. If I fill it with rocks first.

So I don't really know what is going to happen now because I don't have the money they want to fix it. I can drive the car around ok without fixing it but will it pass the examination? Probably not. That's the next phone call I plan on making - to check that out. Maybe I'll just get rid of it unregistered and buy a piece of crap in it's place.

Any of you care to share? Misery does indeed love company - any advice? Have you ever been in a similar 'life sucks' situation?

Love & hugs xx

100 Words or Less

I'm trying a new take on creating excitement. I've been working on a couple of 100 words or less stories. This is the first one I wrote. It's honest to god shocking - but I'm posting it here to be cemented in history to be my comparison after I (hopefully) improve!

Do you write any flash fiction? I'd love to read it if you do!

Love, hugs & unicorn kisses xxox

“We still on for Friday?”

“I guess.”

“When are we going to skip?”

“I dunno, whenever.”

“I’ll leave after second, it’ll be easier.”

“Second? That’s half the god damn day, why would you even bother skipping?”

“Fine. I’ll try and get out after first.”

“Meet you at the old oak.”

“Sounds good.”

The carefree youth walked off, shoulders slouching, feet dragging across the cold concrete.
He had everything he needed. The second youth crossed the street and pulled back the heavy door of the van.

“Get it?” he asked the driver.

“Got it. On Friday, he’s a dead man.”

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Journal Porn & Writing Tools

Good morning, afternoon or night! How are you all? Good? Good. Today's post? Well I've been doing a bit of pinterest stalking lately and a few beautiful writing journals caught my eager eye! I don't know about you other writers out there, but I have a bit of a journal fetish :|

I love journals. Love love. I have too many already but can't throw any away and still find reasons to buy more... so of course I love perusing the jaw-dropping stunners of journals on pinterest. Here are a few that I had to repin for loves sake :)

(I feel as though I ought to apologise in advance for just how many there are, like I said, I love journals)
This is my favourite - owl! via





So I think I'll leave you with that for the time being :) I love love love journals! I want them all! Do you have a journal fetish? Mine is becoming a bit of a problem - I don't have enough room to put all my empty journals!

Now... onto the business end of things, what are the essential items required for journal writing? Pen and paper? Yes. However I've just outlined below some of my very favourite tools to use when writing and where you can get them from!

Do you like what you see? Oh my goodness gracious I wish I had the coin to own all 9! So, I've chose three pens, three journals, and three desk accessories I think would be a huge improvement to my writing zone!

  1. Papermate Flexigrip Ultra Capped Pen - available from Officeworks.
  2. Metal Twist Ballpoint Pen: Organisk - available from Kikki-K (I actually have this pen! Love!).
  3. Philosophy Pen Shell & Floral Black - available from Officeworks.
  4. Contrast Notes - available from Typo.
  5. Leather A5 Notebook: Sand - available from Kikki-K.
  6. Philosophy Pack of 3 A6 Notebooks - available from  Officeworks.
  7. Right On Desk Pad - available at  Typo.
  8. Marbig Desktop Organiser - available at  Officeworks.
  9. Letter Holder: Card - available at  Kikki-K.

The prices range from $2 to over 50! But I love them all :) Is there anything is there that you'd maybe take out? Anything that you'd add? Keep an eye out for my next post, which is on my essentials of novel writing :)

Much love to you all xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Feature Article

Hey all you lovely people out there, whether you are writers or not I think that everyone will have read a feature article in their life. If you are a writer, even if you're strictly a novelist, short story writer or poet... the feature article is a form of writing that is applicable to everybody in everyday life. That spread in women's weekly about the man that died under a brick wall? Feature article. The article on Anna Bligh in the Financial Review's BOSS magazine? Feature Article.* So... you may ask why I have decided to harp on about this form of writing. Well, for starters we have looked at it during my studies, but the main reason is because of something my lecturer said.


I listen to all my lectures in the car, it works out pretty well because my commute to work usually works out to be around the same length as my lectures. I was listening to the lecture on feature articles (and I must admit, doing a fair bit of daydreaming as I was stopped at the lights) when I heard the lecturer say these five words;

"You could do it now"

I was like - what can I do now? He went on to explain that interviews, good research and an ethical approach was all we needed in order to go ahead and write a feature article to submit to a publication. We'd learnt how to interview, research and behave ethically, and he simply said that now we know what a feature article entails, that we could go ahead and write one. Perhaps even get it published. It opened up worlds for me, those five simple words.

At first had a rush of self-doubt flood my mind. Surely I couldn't write a feature article to be published, I mean who was I? Who would want to read what I'd written, I'm pretty boring. However it all started to sink in and I realised that this is how you start.


I fully intend to write (and maybe) publish novels in my future, however I felt strangely connected to the idea of writing a feature article. The way the lecturer explained 'getting in' the situation you're discussing and bringing your own personal discovery to the article enthralled me. I imagined already what I'd write about the hot topic of violence in Northbridge. I imagined myself driving around the suburb at 2am, having never experienced clubbing there myself, getting a first hand account of whether the violence was true, exaggerated or understated and then bringing the opinion of a 20 yo that doesn't club to the table. I know this probably doesn't translate and is terribly boring to many of you - but in that one moment my eyes were opened to the vast world of opportunity that awaits me.

Have any of you experienced an 'eye opening moment' that defined your career as a writer? Or even your hobby as a writer, or something that contributed to your success?

I'd love to hear from you :)

Love, hugs & unicorn kisses xoxo

*My apologies to those of you from around the world for all the Australian references, but I am Australian so there you go!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award! Consider it accepted!

Hello and goodmorning, afternoon or night :) The wonderful Diane Carlisle has been kind enough to award my blog the Versatile Blogger Award! It was such a wonderful brightening of my day! If she hadn't awarded me first Diane would be the first blog that I would award in return! The rules of this award are fairly straightforward;
  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Nominate seven other versatile bloggers.
So I intend to do just that - HUGE thank you to Diane for the award, it is enthusiastically accepted and humbly appreciated!

Seven things about myself? Hmmm... let's see how random I can get;
  1. When I was little we had a three legged, one eyed cat called Jaquie that was mean - she died under the house.
  2. I moved out of home one month after my seventeenth birthday to live with three 18 year olds. Drink drank drunk.
  3. I'm newly addicted to Skyrim and it's going online next year. I fear I have one year of social life left.
  4. Lover and I have been doing the long distance thing for a year now, and even though he's moved back to our hometown, I've moved to the city for work and it's just as hard as everyone says it will be.
  5. I have five siblings. Four sisters and a brother and we hardly ever all get together to catch up at the same time as we're scattered across Australia.
  6. I want to buy a castle in England when I grow up.
  7. I had a horse called Bundy that I loved to bits. When she was sold they came and picked her up while I was at work and I didn't get to say goodbye.
Now to name seven other wonderfully versatile bloggers!
  1. Bailee @ Lost and Found
  2. Michelle @ Michelle Krys
  3. Teralyn @ A Writer's Journey
  4. Ruth @ Ruth Lauren Steven
  5. Emily @ One Girl and Her iPod
  6. Britt @ AlmostBritain
  7. Charity @ This Is Life
These are all wonderful blogs that I LOVE to read and check for updates on a daily basis! Yes I'm pretty obsessed with these wonderful ladies :)

Best of luck to you all and thank you again to Diane for the wonderful award! Loves, hugs & unicorn kisses!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Life's a Bitch. So I steeled myself and fought that bitch back.

Language Warning

Sorry once again for my absence! However by the end of this post I hope that you do forgive me and understand why once more blogging was shoved roughly into the scary dark recesses of my mind. Well last time I checked in I mentioned that I'd visited the dentist a three times in a week. To expand, the first visit was to have a tooth filled, the second was to see the dentist after the filling had already come loose, and the third was to have the very same tooth extracted because my tooth had shattered into pieces in my gum. Lovely thought eh?

 So now my teeth are beautiful. I've actually had braces, multiple fillings and a root canal (the root canal tooth got pulled) but I take the best care of my teeth! I blame genetics. Meanwhile lover can neglect tooth brushing for weeks and still go see the dentist and have just a clean required. I fume silently.

So, in addition to that, I've had a couple of major assignments due with uni - no biggie, just having to fit it all around work whilst keeping up with the weekly lectures etc. I've also had to move out of my unit and into a house with my Uncle to save some dollars because paying $350 a week for a unit when lover doesn't even live there is ridiculous - so that had to go. In addition to simply moving all my crap (and I have a lot of crap) I needed to organise a top to bottom clean. With uni and work I ended up getting cleaners in because of my time restraints. That was couple of hundred dollars. It is also a requirement of my lease that we have the carpets professionally cleaned. So that is happening today for another $200 (I tell you what, if I don't get my bond back I'm going to have to roll a bitch).


The most recent of dramas? Last week I rang the department of transport to ask about my car rego (we don't have the stickers anymore see and I haven't seen the bill in a while) and they were like 'Oh dear! Your car has been unregistered since May last year!' I was like what the fuuuuuuuck? I checked the address and I was definitely living there when they reckon they sent it out. Bullshit if you ask me. The kind woman also so delightfully added 'As a driver it's your responsibility to make sure it's paid. You should know better' - ah... FUCK YOU BITCH (apologies) but wasn't that what I was doing at that precise moment by calling and checking where it was at? Who are you to tell me what I 'should' be doing? But I digress.

Anyhow, before I hung up she managed to squeeze in a real quick 'Oh and your driver's license has expired too, so you can't drive your car, and you can't drive. Any car. At all.' Well thank you kindly for your help. Delightful. So I had to call lover up to chauffeur me around to get my license - which was simple apart from the hour long wait in the licensing centre just to pay a bill. Sheesh. Another $100 gone. As my car has been unregistered for over 3 months it needs to have a 'vehicle examination' which is a $90 fee. Lovely. So I booked an examination and was promptly rewarded with a long list of 'not good enough's to go get fixed. Also, to drive my car without a license I need to pay $21.80 for a 48 hour permit. Once the 48 hours is up, I need to pay another $21.80 to get another one. Sheesh.

Trying to be onto it with everything, I booked my car in as early as possible with a centre that took care of tyres, auto electrics and mechanics so it could all be sorted in one go. That was for today. So this morning I drove to the centre, dropped off my car and keys to the friendly young man behind the desk and called a taxi (lover has since returned to the farm leaving me relying heavily on taxis!). I stood in the miserable rain waiting and eventually got to work on time. I just received a phone call from this charming young lad apologetically informing me that it will cost $1365 to fix all said problems in the car and also 'it didn't start first try'. Really. It's always started like a charm for me. So new battery as well.

So to sum up, here are my newly accrued expenses;

Dentist $600
Cleaning $400
License $100
Vehicle Examination $90
Vehicle Repairs $1365
TOTAL = $2565

Just to pop this into perspective. I save $50 a week. I had $1250 in savings. That's gone and I still have to pay whatever my new rego ends up being. I make $633 a week after tax working 9-5 Mon to Fri. $150 goes towards rent, $100 to my dad to pay back a loan after hitting a kangaroo left me with $7000 of damages, $60 to pay off previous vehicle repairs, $75 for my car loan, $50 to savings and $60 to my 'monthly bills' kitty - so phone, power, gas etc. This leaves me with $138 to buy fuel ($80 a week), groceries and other petty unforeseen expenses.

Life is most definitely a bitch trying to make me crack. BUT I WON'T LET HER I TELL YOU! Even though I feel like any more bills on top of this would break me, I'm determined not to let this crazy pile of dramas overwhelm me! I'm seeing it as a test of my character. I can whinge (which I suppose I may have done a bit on this post - my utmost apologies if it seems that way!) or I can soldier on, organise payment plans, get a second job and work my butt off, study hard and don't go anywhere or do anything! No more coffees from Maccas or lunch from the deli. I will pack lunch and I will drink the coffee at work.

Tell you what though, I'm going to need a payrise at the next review - not because of my expenses, pay should never be increased because of your personal life. I will need a payrise because of how much more I'm doing than my starting salary was intended for!

Have any of you beautiful, wonderful, lovely readers out there ever felt that life was dealing you crappy hand after crappy hand for its own amusement? Did you soldier on? Get through it? I'd love to hear from you, especially if you're experiencing this right now :)

Love, hugs and unicorn kisses.