Thursday, 12 April 2012

Random Journal Entry

So, I have a hard time writing quality stuff. I can sit down and right alright, but usually I just churn out garbage. Do any of you experience this? If you do, don't let it get you down. I use to, now I just roll with it, and occasionally I'll write something that I'll visit again.

To encourage those of you that write bollocks as much as I do, here is what I wrote on a plane, whilst zooming my way towards balmy Broome where lover was waiting. I was nervous, and so wrote like I talk when I'm nervous... scatterbrainedy and fast. Bee tee dub, this is all unedited *cringe*


I sighed with relief, at least I wasn't sitting next to someone that I'd be regretting the whole flight. He was young, and polite enough. I sat down and made friendly small talk. He was a pilot! I think I thought that was cooler than he did. He seemed to talk himself down a bit - telling me that he 'just' flew prison planes. I didn't even know that prison's had planes to transfers inmates.

Flying is amazing isn't it? I'm awed by how huge big machines can power thorugh the air, I really should look into finding out how planes work. I reckon it would be fascinating. There's a lot of clouds today - so there won't be much of a view for the flight but that's ok - I guess I can focus on my writing more.

I should write more - this entry has turned into a crazy jumble of all of the thoughts flying through my head - perhaps I should write more often - even just ot get the garbage out so that when the time comes - I can write decent stuff!

Anyway, the plan keeps tipping and turning and I feel like my journal is going to slide off my little tray. That'd be embarrassing, better hold onto it a little tighter.

The flight in estimated at 2hrs 11minutes. Which is a pretty good time when you consider the fact that it took lover 2 FULL days of driving just to get to Broome. I don't know what kind of aeroplane I'm on (I'm pretty hopeless with that kind of stuff) but it's only four seats wide, with an aisle down the middle - one of the attendants fills it right up! That sounds awful, but just trying to paint a picture here.

Virgin flights aren't that bad actually - they bring you food and the seats are fine for me - lover would struggle though - he'd have to get to the airport earlier than me and book the exit seat. They're bringing food, god, as if my breath isn't awful enough - I hope they give me the mints that they did last time. They oughta freshen up the fairy slipper situation I got going on in those chompers.

There are two girls behind me that are your typical giggly teens. And yup - just as annoying. One of them keeps saying 'Oh my got I almost died!' or 'We're gonna die!' with every kick of turbulance. It's like, grow the fuck up bitch, you'll live dammit. And if we were all going to die, don't yo uthink the rest of the plane might be freaking out too? I suppose I was like that once so I'll just pop in my headphones and refrain from saying anything rude to them.

My first flight to Broome I still remember well - I was on a bigger plane and there were screens in the backs of all the seats. I made the mistake of not paying the $7.50 to watch foxtel, it looked good! I was seated across from a girl with orange hair - she was lovely. She was flying up to go work in a remote community and had just said goodbye to her family, whom she wouldn't see for six months. I felt awful for her. I still wonder where she is and what she's doing these days. I think it's been about 9 months since I saw her, so hopefully she was able to spend some time with her family. I can't wait to see Pickle. 

God I'm so scatterbrained today - and now my eyes hurt. From the early start of too much writing you think?

Weather ahead and a reasonably smooth flight they say. THUNDERSTORMS in Broome - fuck yeah baby, I love be a good thunderstorm!

So that was my whole entry that day. Nuts eh? Now that I look back on it, there are some funny bits but still, the writing is god awful! See? Writing bad stuff isn't so bad, now I've got some points of humor I can add to my WIPs, I'm not real good at humour you see :)

Love & Hugs


  1. We are all certainly our own worst critics, Julz- and you are most certainly yours. I thought this piece was great!

    It is good to hear that you'll go back and revise things, though-- a sign of a great writer is their attempt to always improve themselves and their product.

    Keep at this whole writing thing- you have a definite talent!

    1. Thank you for your fantastic support! I definitely never thought anything of this piece, was great to hear you thought that it has potential!

      Thanks for reading :)

      One of my favourite things to do is to go back and visit what I've written about, seeing what I can do with it.

      Thanks again!