Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Absolute Write April Blog Chain! Prompt? Dead Bunnies!

Hey there all you lovely people - I apologise for my extended absence, but I had to travel down to Mama & Papa's last minute for work and they have no internet. Joy. Anyway, after catching up on my studies I'm back! And boy is this a good one - a dead bunnies prompt! 

Be sure to check out the list of blogs below that posted on this prompt, the only rule on the writing being that you keep it under 1000 words.

I decided to go with something a little more... realistic around here and post a true life story regarding dead bunnies - lots of them. It's kind of a dead bunny massacre. I tried to add a sort of yokel country voice to the narrator. Anyway, enjoy! (Or not, you might not).

I live in Australia. We grow crops - yes we do. Amazing stuff huh? Well we try and grow crops (not all of us, obviously, just the farmers) but there are these annoying pests that find our produce delicious. Roos and rabbits mostly. Foxes are a pain too - they stink real bad. They also eat your chooks.

To combat this phenomenon our local farming area holds an annual fox shoot. Oh yes oh boy, a fox shoot. One weekend every year when the men (and women I guess) of the farming area can put together a team and enter. Rules? There's a time limit, usually from 7pm Saturday to 6am Sunday. Foxes are worth 15 points, rabbits 1 and cats 25. I don't take part, my lovely lover does though. He's usually in a right grump the next day though, as they stay up all night. One year, after several pleas to drop him off at 11pm coz he was tired, he was nicknamed 'eleven o'clock shittybum' - and that name did stick.

I'm getting away with myself. They go out and shoot and the winner get some moulah. Not too sure how much they get but lover came third this year and they got $200. Yeah, it was four people on the team so they didn't get much each. Actually, lover threw a rabbit at the ute, hit the windscreen and shattered it - so the money kinda went toward that in the end.

You should see the photos. I would post one, but I'd probably upset a few bunny lovers. What they don't understand is that these rabbits are disgusting. They aren't all fluffly and cute like your pets. They hop, but that's about all they have in common. Some get this disease - myxamotosis - where they get all these skin infections and go blind. When you see a rabbit trying to hop but his back legs won't work? That sucker has it. It was introduced to kill the population down and it did a pretty good job until a whole bunch o' them got resistant.

Dead bunnies are a great thing here. The more dead bunnies, the less crop gets eaten. There isn't really a limit to shooting rabbits - not like roos, I mean, you have to shoot across the generations, don't just kill the big Grandpa Roos or the little bubbas, you've gotta shoot a bit of each. After all, they're a great animal, just a big fat pest when it comes to farming. My family has actually taken care of several joeys orphaned by farmers shooting their Mummas, and when I say several, there must have been about 12 -15 come through us. They were lovely, but eventually we let them go out and live in the wild and then if they get shot, they get shot, but we gave them a chance they never would've had otherwise.

So, here in Aus, dead bunnies = good. Good fun that is ;)

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  1. Oh you Aussies, what fun you are :)

    I used to love Roos, until i went to Oz, saw them, and realised how ugly they are. Like giant rats!

    As for the rabbits, well i haven't seen the ones you talk about, but if they are anything like the Roos then all is good :)

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

    1. I love Roos! Haha I actually do, since raising a few joeys when I was little but I'm one of the few girls that doesn't get all teary over a few dead roos. The boys still won't let me come shoot with them :p

      I think that it's the boy bonding experience :p, thanks for your nice comment!

  2. Great job, Julz!

    It's interesting to learn about life in other countries that make up our world. Have come to like/enjoy all of the Foster Beer commercials run here in the US, and this gem you produced gives an actual glimpse into a segment of the real life & times of the Aussie experience--happy hunting to your man, and may much moolah find its way to you both (his marksmanship and your writing)Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the great comment! Yep life in Australia is a bit different from what the rest of the world might think.

      I don't think I've ever actually seen a single Fosters ad, or even seen a single person drink Fosters... crazy how different the world is to what we think.

  3. Rabbits can certainly wreak havoc on crops. It's an unfortunate fact. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This was great, Julz! You have a very unique tone to your writing; it's an excellent touch and I'll certainly be back to read more :-)

  5. I knew our friends from Oz would have fun with this one. Hard to believe all those horrible myxi-infested bunnies came from Tom Austin's dozen hunting hares, isn't it? For extra points your hunter should shout "silflay hraka" at the tykes, I think.

  6. Now I'm wondering. Do rabbits get rabies? If so, how do they act when they have rabies?

  7. Now that's some dead bunnies! Good job with the prompt.

  8. I did like the voice of this.
    There is a similar problem in Victoria B.C.. There are bunnies everywhere, and they are all tame, pet style bunnies. They over bred, and have been taking over the city for years. It's funny, cause you'll see entire open parks and streets filled with them.

  9. An interesting story. Thanks for sharing!