Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Work Wardrobe Makeover

Ok so I'm not loaded... I'm actually pretty damn poor, just affording rent, bills, loans and sometimes (when I'm lucky) groceries. However I've been chipping away and saving up bit by bit, and can now start looking at where to spend some moulah. Not yet! But in the nearer-than-never future anyway :)

So here is what I'd like to spend it on;

I work in reception, so I need to have smart office clothes. I also work in an accounting firm, so they'll also need to be professional. First, give me a chance to explain the above - a lot of the shirts I don't actually love but I plan to be wearing them under item 1 most times. See below for a full explanation.

1. City Dressing Blazer - $55.20 (Target)
I would need one or two suit jackets to wear over most of the shirts a majority of the time. I like the contrast of this one, but would also need a plain one, in black or charcoal, to match my suit bottoms. Which brings me to the next item;
2. Myer Pants - $89.95 (Myer)
I would need at least two sets of pants, preferably one in charcoal and one in black, perhaps having a lighter grey colour as a third option should I be rich enough :p, this would have to match a jacket to combine as a suit (see item 1).
3. Limited Edition Skirt - $47.20 (Target)
This fills the same role as the pants. I would need a couple of skirts, in differing colours however keeping to black/grey theme would be best. Would have to match a jacket so that I could wear a suit combination.
4. Saba Blue Top - $129 (Saba Online), 7. City Dressing Blouse - $31.20, 8. Basque Knot Shirt - $59.95 9. City Dressing Blouse - $31.20
These shirts I would cover with a jacket and probably stay that way all day, while I don't like the tops, I do like how they'd look under a jacket, with just the bright colour & nice middle design showing.
5. Sheike Blouse $89.95 (Online)
I LOVE this top, I would wear it with and without a jacket easily. Love love love.
6. Hot Options Top - $28.00 (Target)
I would wear this with or without a jacket, I do like it better than the others but not as much as item 5. Love the bright blue - it just seems to pop!

So there you are, my ideas for a wardrobe makeover. Ideally I'd have two sets of each essential (2x jackets, 2x pants & 2x skirts) all of (as close as I can afford to) exceptional quality. Then I'd have many many tops that I could change and play around with. Ideally I'd love to expand bit by bit and maybe incorporate some navy coloured suit bottoms or tops as well.

Do you have a work wardrobe? Do you find it as hard as I do to co-ordinate for work?

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