Monday, 5 March 2012

Word of the Week: Rigmarole!

Hi all! Sorry for the late word of the week post, but over here in sunny WA (Western Australia - not Washington!) it was a public holiday yesterday and my thoughts didn't flicker to blogging once! I apologise, but was temporarily distracted after another wonderful surprise visit from the Lover for the long weekend :)

Today I present unto you --- RIGMAROLE! I love this word. I was going to go for nincompoop today but decided a slightly less ridiculous, however still somewhat wacky word would be better. Hence, rigmarole!


an elaborate or complicated procedure: to go through therigmarole of a formal dinner.
confused, incoherent, foolish, or meaningless talk.

I learned this word around the age of 12 or so and love it. I use it frequently when trying to explain how I just want to escape life and work (I work in reception at an accounting firm and there are many many procedures to be followed for the correct record of work. It's also a paperless office - hence everything needs to be scanned and saved to file). So yes, plenty of rigmarole to deal with in the workplace.

Interesting history this word has. Basically in medieval times, people used to play a game called Ragman. It consisted of a rolled up scroll that had strings connected to lines or part of stories, then people would pull a string and read out the resulting story as a pastime. It was also a method of gambling, so some of my googling tells me. From this game, the word rigmarole, based on ragman, held a meaning along the lines of long, confusing discourse. From this earlier meaning, it eventually came to mean what we understand it to represent today... which of course is defined above by This earlier meaning - more obviously - is the second definition stated above. Cool word huh?

Isn't it just a lovely word to say? RIGMAROLE! Bahaha love it! Any word suggestions for next week's word of the week?


  1. How about artifact. Seems like such an oxymoronic word - art and fact. Two sharp "t"s and the hiss of "f".

    Just found this blog. There's a lot of fun stuff here

    1. Hmm I like the suggestion... today's Monday - I'll have to do a bit of research and see what I come up with! Thanks for visiting!