Monday, 19 March 2012

I do declare I have a crush!

My first author crush. I don't think it would have developed into such a crush had I not delved into the author behind the book as a result of my upcoming uni assignment. Be that as it may, I am terrifically and wonderfully glad that it did happen, and I have a big, fat ol' crush on none other than the frequently discussed;

Yep. It's love. Or lust. Or maybe jealousy?  I think the number one reason that I have this little crush is that Garner is someone I want to be. I know it took many years for her, and so will take many years for me, but she embodies all that I want to be - what's that you ask? Check out my totally awesome list below;
So, you can see I have a serious love affair going on. I have to admit, it's mostly infatuation at this point, having only read one whole book of hers - The Spare Room. Yep, she's amazing, I'll admit it. I fully recommend you go read it. I'll post a review before long, it's a great book that can easily be read in one sitting!

Do any of you have author crushes? This is my first one, and guess what? She's AUSTRALIAN, which is going to get an automatic tick from me regardless :D

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