Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Would you be friends with you?

Here's an idea for a writing exercise today. Write yourself a letter. Address it to yourself, write as yourself and write to yourself. Don't however write like this...

"I don't know why I just took out the garbage the day after rubbish collection. It was a bit rainy earlier so maybe that's why I did it today." as in, don't write like it's a journal, write because you're writing TO yourself and not for yourself. Plus, that was a damn boring example - sorry about that.

Feel free to link to your letter to yourself in the comments, I'd be interested to read your letters! Here's mine...

Hey Julz,

How's life been? There's not really been much happening here except work and home, work and home. I had a great night on Valentines with B (because N & A are both away) so we just ate chocolate, popcorn, delicious chicken kebabs, drank red wine and watched bollywood romances! It was a great night! What'd you end up doing for Valentines? I know that N's away so did you get upto something lovely as well or did you take the 'cry-into-my-wine' route? Both are great!

Well N is going to be uncontactable (it's a word ok!) for the next ten days. Yesterday was the first night without him and I'm actually doing ok, not like I thought. I imagine it will hit me, not being able to text or talk but we've done it before, and for longer too! It takes something like this, not even being able to call when he's away, for me to really realise how much I miss him. I bet you miss your lover too, he's in the same boat isn't he?

I heard you went to a wedding not long ago, so did I! It was fantastic, beautiful people and a great night. Lover & I were put on the odds & ends table but that's where I love to be! We had the best time, we were even seated with the photographer, so it was great to meet him! I recently went to a funeral for someone I went to school with a few years ago. I think you were there too, but I didn't see you afterwards. I didn't go to the wake. I hadn't spoken to him in three years so I figured that would be best left for the people closest to him. Did you go?

Anyway it's getting late, and there are creepy cockroaches to set some bombs on (they're disgusting little f*ckers aren't they?). Take care my lovely, and let me know if you ever want to catch up while our lover's are away to have some girly fun!

Love & Hugs,

Julz xx

There you have it! Have a go at writing to yourself, link to it in the comments, I'd love to read it - if I get a few I might pop the links in the bottom of this post!

JP xx

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