Thursday, 2 February 2012

Word of the week!

Due to some great feedback as a result of the critique my blogfest going on today I've decided to make some changes. The first being that I will be posting a Word of the Week as opposed to Word of the Day, not only was it difficult to get a word each day, I couldn't spare the time to really write about the word. With this new change, I hope to explain why I love the word a bit more, and perhaps include a short piece of writing in which I use said beautiful word, then you can let me know if it sounds good or forced!

So I will start these every Monday so that we have a word to start the week off with.

I also hope to introduce Writing Wednesday which is where I'll post a piece of writing, perhaps a short story, poem or excerpt from my novel (maybe even a feature article!) for review, critique or just a jolly ol' gander.

I hope all you beautiful people continue to enjoy the improvements I'm aiming to make to my blog and feel free to let me know if things need to stay or go.

Much love to you all :) JP xx

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  1. Thanks Cynthia :) I remember when I'm posting that others are reading, so I feel like I'm just droning incessantly if I don't try and make it readable for others.

    Thanks for coming on over and having a look, I'll be sure to head over to your page soon as well :) thanks again for your kind feedback :)