Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Word of the day: Plethora

I just like this word. Isn't it lovely? Makes you sound smart when you use it too :)


  [pleth-er-uh]  Show IPA
overabundance; excess: a plethora of advice and a paucity ofassistance.
Pathology Archaic a morbid condition due to excess of redcorpuscles in the blood or increase in the quantity of blood.


  1. Hi, I'm Amy, from the critique. I like the look of your blog. I also like the word of the day posts. You convey a very cheerful, youthful feel to your writing. One question I ask myself is why people come to my blog and don't follow it? So I will tell you that I don't think I would follow your blog simply because we are at different places in our lives and I am not sure there is much here that I am looking for. Personally, I prefer more personal blogs. It just depends on what you are going for. I suspect (based on what I did read that was personal) that you have a wonderful story to tell and the skill to do it. You may not be interested in sharing it right now or in this forum. Don't underestimate yourself!

    1. Wow that feedback was fantastic Amy thanks!

      I find myself wondering the same thing, I've actually been holding back on the personal stuff thinking that nobody would find it interesting, so perhaps I'll include it in a few more posts from now on. I really appreciate your honesty! I'll be sure to head on over to your blog to check it out :)

      Thanks again!

  2. I'm here for the blogfest. Thanks for participating!

    1. The appearance of the blog drew me in immediately. I like the quirky title and the subheading. The colors are nice and unique, the page is clean without being to simple.

    2. I was surprised that you're starting another blog when you don't post on this one very often, except last month. Isn't there some way you could integrate the topics?

    3. Who's your audience? I was curious because I saw a few articles about parties and personal stuff you're doing. Is this for friends, or strangers?

    4. I like your word of the day, but not so often. You could include more interesting content. Maybe it could be a word of the week?

    5. I love, love, love your article "Today we lost a good one" and would like to see more content like that: personal, meaningful, and useful to me.

    6. I like the reading list and recommended reading (I might decide to do the same thing on my blog) and I wish the lists were longer.

    I hope some of that was helpful!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback :) I really appreciate it!

      I'll work on the word of the day thing, it is hard to consistently post a word a day so perhaps I'll work on making it word of the week and I'll go into a little more detail about the word I've chosen :)

      I will work on more personal writing (as the comment above suggested too!) and hope to include it a little more. I have only just really been able to commit to my blog, hence the random posting before last month.. I intend to continue posting almost daily. I do write for both strangers and friends, and the 21st pictures are a part of a theme this year (everyone I know is turning 21!) so I hope to continue it throughout the year, but perhaps I'll have to make it clearer.

      I'll also look at updating the reading lists as well, I'm quite picky when it comes to books because I really like to enjoy them so I'll try and get some more up soon!

      This comment was incredibly helpful and I'm so grateful you took the time to give me this feedback! Thanks again and I'll keep checking in on your blog too! Love it!

  3. OK, so everyone else is commenting on your blog and stuff, but I was just going to comment on the word. Because I actually HATE the word plethora.

    To me it sounds like someone is trying too hard. Like they're using a word they think sounds more distinguished just to make themselves sound more that way. As if they just found it in a thesaurus and decided to start using it, no matter how archaic it sounds.

    So this is my attempt to help stamp out the use of this word. Because no matter how or when you use it, it stands out like that sore thumb we've heard so much about. And when a single word does that, then it stops people in the middle of your writing, and they think about that particular word and not the story itself. And that alone makes it the wrong word nearly every time.

    Delete this word from your vocabulary and leave it where it belongs: in some musty old dictionary or thesaurus.