Saturday, 11 February 2012

Organisation Motivation!

I put lover on a plane today. We had beers at our mates place down south last night so got up nice and early (read 5:30am!) and hit the road for the trek to the city. Lover is such a worrier - we got to the airport two and a half hours early! Yeah, like I said, he's a worrier.

With that much time to kill, we headed into the departure lounge bookstore and lover settled on a fishing magazine, and I ended up with the latest issue of Home Ideas magazine. Yay! I was flipping through, making notes here and there about what I did and didn't like until I hit the middle of the mag. 'An Organised Oasis'. Yup... pretty much fell in love with the next few pages. They features this great entryway storage system by 'elfa' from Howards Storage World... love...

Unfortunately this beautiful setup will set you back around $2982.85 Australian. Yeah... not in many people's budget that, and there is a LOT of storage per person just for the entrance. I'd prefer something like this in my wardrobe. Speaking of which...

Love lovity love. This is what I'll have one day, in my huuuuge wardrobe in the house I build with lover! Anyone else about ready to keel over in happiness?

The rest of the article basically went on about elfa storage - which we all know is beautiful and a smidge pricey (ok a lot pricey).. so I'll leave it at that. But boy oh boy do I love a good motivational magazine to get the organizing ideas stirring in my brain!

Any of you lovely people have elfa? Is it easy enough to put together?

JP xx

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