Monday, 20 February 2012

My Ideal Writing Space

So, as I'm a renter, I move around a lot and can't make any permanent changes to a house I live in. This is both a blessing and a curse - it stops me spending money (on a house that's not even mine!) but it makes it really hard to organize and set up a writing nook to call my own.

This is why I've decided to start planning to organize a space that is transportable that way, I can take it from house to house! Below I've created a style tile of some of the moveable things my ideal writing space will include;

These office items are FANTASTIC and they're all from Officeworks.
I want a monochrome theme... as you can see.

And this is why I want them;
1. Canvas Print - I love this print, it is simple and brings a sense of inspiration to the table on those nights where my brain pen seems to be out of ink.

2. This is just pretty (I know I'm such a girl aren't I?) but it would be really hand to keep all the scraps I cut out for inspiration - pictures from magazines etc.

3. This would be my powerhouse of sorting a novel, I like to keep my characters, plot, setting and other elements separate, at the moment I have them in their own yellow envelopes, but these boxes would let me put whole books and such in there. The different sizes are great because I have way more information on characters than setting etc.

4. The chair I use at the computer desk now, is just one from the dining room and it's crappy and boring. I would love a vibrant red chair to bring a bit of life to the room, but I also want it to be super comfortable (and I've sat on these in-store! Super comfy!).

5. This file would be where I keep all my other 'loose paper' stuff for my book, so if I see something that doesn't quite fit into one of the boxes - that's where it would go. Have to keep things organised! I'd also be keeping my exercise book that I do all my planning and jotting down in, in here too!

6. Memo block? They're awesome aren't they? Great for scribbling down ideas and keeping thoughts together - the only other thing I need to go with this is a corkboard to stab all those memos to... I'm working on it - promise!

7. Now I need a doc tray to put all those pesky papers in, since my writing space is also my office (kinda) I need this to put all the mail & bills that I will need to go through, to sort out later.

8. I love this idea of a shelving system. I like square things and boxes so this is great! I would keep most things on here, like the magazine file, black boxes and stuff. I'd also like to keep all my inspirational novels close by - you never know when you'll need to refer to that awesome scene in that novel you just loved.

It will be my personal challenge to try and create this office look with CHEAP items, so making my own magazine files and other things where I can. If and when (hoping for when!) I complete this challenge, I shall post letting you all know a breakdown of the budget for your info!

What is your dream writing space like? Organised? Cluttered? Let me know!

JP xx


  1. Hey Julz, I have gone through the house I'm renting and I actually love the shelving I got at Walmart for making extra space in my kitchen pantry. Love your blog! (Cassiopeia)

    1. Thanks for the visit! I know renting can be a pain sometimes can't it!

      Good luck! Gotta love organising and keeping things neat :)

  2. Very cozy little set you have there! Once I move into my new apartment, I may need to set up something similar!

    1. Definitely need to set up your own 'space'. I find having a theme I love is a great way to start :)

      Thanks for coming over!

    2. Of course :) I check it regularly, I'll have to comment on your posts :D

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