Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Money troubles...

I don't know about you, but I'm terrible at organising my money. It's hard to keep track of bills, past bills I've paid, how much money I have to spend on groceries and fuel etc. So today I decided that enough is enough and I'm going to do something about it.

I spent some time designing a new weekly budget for me to follow (sorry about the bad quality of the pic below... having trouble uploading pics from pdf docs :/) I've since updated this printable to include a border (to trim off that pretty page) so head on over to The Smell of an Oily Rag to check it out :)

This is it! It allows me to track what I'm earning and spending each week, and I can budget to pay the bills and also stash some money away to save. I  don't know about you but I need strong motivators to keep saving, hence the 'Total Savings' box in the top right for me to glance at how my savings are piling up - similarly with the 'Saving Goals' box, I can keep an eye on the rewards I'll get for saving upto a certain amount.

Like all things, this sheet won't be working on it's own to help me organise my money. I've also opened a second savings account, that I will siphon $60 into a week that will cover the costs of monthly bills, such as power, gas, phone etc. so that I won't have a shock when those bills roll in. I get paid weekly so this works best for me, perhaps it'd need tweaking for those of you that get paid fortnightly or monthly.

I will also be recording how much I spend on groceries and fuel so that I can keep an eye on my spending there. This allows me to see how much is left over for 'whatever I wan't' spending after I've stashed some money for monthly bills, paid the weekly dues, and put some away for savings (starting small so that I don't overwhelm myself).

For an idea of what I have to pay a week check out my about me page here. Yeah, it's a hefty lot!

I have included a free printable download of this budget sheet if you're interested on my organising blog The Smell of an Oily Rag, if you're interested (although I'll probably end up amalgamating the blogs again) as a big thank you to my lovely followers.

Do you have trouble organising money? Keeping up with the bills and also saving on the side? I'd love to hear of ways that you've tackled the money munching bill monster! If so please leave a comment below :)

Loves & Hugs JP xx

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