Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey hey! It's the day of love! And boy do I love sharing with you guys! Today lover is 4000km away (I have no idea how many miles that is) but the plus side is that I get extra time to organise his present! Our 3 year anniversary is next week too, so he misses both but hey, watcha gonna do?

This is what I'm currently working on...

And my inspiration can be found here. It's an envelope journal, except that it won't be a journal so much as a sort of scrapbook. In the pockets I'll seal photos, love notes and cards with what I love about him on them. I'll be sure to upload the labels I made to slip into pockets and stick onto pages when I've got it all sorted. Boy oh boy will that be a post full to the BRIM with information!

When I'm finished (I haven't quite filled all the pages with my love just yet) I'll post a 'How-to' tutorial and step-by-step pics of my progress... including the mistake(s) I made :).

How are you celebrating valentines? Later today, after work, I'm heading out to a mate's place (her boyfriend flew out yesterday for work, so is a bazillion miles away too) and we're going to eat chocolate, drink wine and watch girly movies. So I am very much looking forward to that!

What do you do for valentines? Do you think the day sucks? Are you a valentine lover? I still haven't decided!
Loves JP xx

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