Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Where will we take you today....

In addition to my previous post, I'd like to expand on the picture of the road leading into the dense brush - I often find inspiration when looking at beautiful pictures of roads. They inspire such wondrous questions! Where are these roads? Who travels them? Where do they end up? What troubles will be met along the way? Why would anyone want to travel them? What do they offer? Promises? A better place? Freedom?

So I've decided to post a few pictures of roads that inspire me the most and under a few I've offered what thoughts they've triggered in me... happy browsing!

A poor boy travels this to work each day.

Honeymoon? Holiday? Paradise..

Mystical beast hiding in the trees - have to elude them.

A serial killer's dumping ground?

Setting for a romantic exchange.

Journey on foot across fields?

Driveway to a farm/ranch.

Remote Australian road.

Do all things so that they're beautiful :)

All images are not owned by me and I have no affiliation or rights over them, they were all sourced from google images.


  1. Mystical beast hiding in the trees - I like that road the most. Maybe because I like fantasy and adventure stories.
    A fellow member at Absolute Write(my user name is Deepspirit over there) and a wannabe author, I love looking at the blogs /websites of fellow writers.
    All the best! Keep writing :)

  2. I'll have to head on over and check out your blog! Thanks for visiting, and I absolutely love reading all the blogs from people on absolute write - it's a great community isn't it?

    I like fantasy and adventure too, and they're what I enjoy writing most as well. My favorite road would have to be... either the romantic exchange, or the serial killer's dumping ground - probably because I can most strongly feel the sense of the picture the most in those two :)