Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ode to Vodka

So it's my very good friend's 21st this weekend, and with another friends of ours, I'm to give a speech. Included in it is the poem we wrote below... it's all a bit of fun and nonsense. I hope you enjoy our little ditty!

(I know that the flow is jerky and doesn't fit at times, but for the audience we have they'll care more about rhyming than rythm :)

There was was this girl called Bron
Who never could do a thing wrong
She found a dude
And liked him nude
And they partied hard and long

One night there was a challenge of cruisers
There could only ever be once loser
Ben wasn't so wise
The funnel his demise
Bron of course, the tank of all boozers

In one nigth, downing two casks of goon
Bron sat in the light of the  moon
On the grass she lay sickly
The spew came so quickly
But alas, she was drinking again soon

Sophie & Bron are close friends
A night with each other they did spend
With a spew in the bin
And a trail on the chin
Soph vowed never to drink again.

Now that I type it out like that, there's nothing really good about it at all. It just sort of has a mishmash of memories with no storyline, flow or even rhyme. Sue me, people will laugh.

Do all things beautifully (and not like this poem!) JP xx

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