Saturday, 21 January 2012

Music for your muse...

Today I'd like to share a remarkable playlist on youtube that helps me write. The music is beautiful and just plays softly in the background. The mood wasn't sad, or epic or even joyful, it was just there. It meant that I could write about whatever and not get jerked out of it by the music I was listening to.

You can find the playlist here.

I often find that if I'm listening to fast paced music, I can't write a sad scene, and vice versa. This music let me go from writing a sad moment, to action, to when my characters were travelling. I also think it helped bring me out of my funk (I haven't written a decent chunk in a long time) so there's that as well.

I hope you all get something out of this playlist like I did, it's nice to just play in the background and it covers a good long time so you don't have to change tracks.

Let me know what you think, or feel free to share any music that you love writing to. I'd love to learn of more music to try :)

Do everything beautifully, JP xx

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