Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lovely late night linkfest!

In the spirit of being awake, late when I should be pounding out some writing or snoozing and resting up for a big day at work tomorrow – I’ve decided to compile a list of my favourite links for your pleasure and perusal. Check them out, feel free to leave some links in the comments, including your blog! I’d love to have a read, let me know if you like any or think any are a waste of time!

  • ·         Absolute Write – ok this was always going to make it
  • ·         My Writing Spot – this is an online writing program (it’s great to keep your wips online so you can work on them from any computer!)
  • ·         Fishpond – this is an Australian Amazon, if you will, so probably won’t be of any interest to those from other countries tonight.
  • ·         Voices in Space – this is a great site for a quick ego booster, the people here don’t *crit* so much as say things nicely… good for  a quick post
  • Cyanide and Happiness – This site is a hilarious webcomic of cynical comics – enjoy! (warning: NSFW) 
  • Dear Blank Please Blank – A great sight where people write messages about things that tick them off!
  •  Post Secret – a fantastic uplifting sight where people send in their deepest secrets on the back of a handmade postcard. Really motivating.
  • FmyLife – pretty self explanatory and I’m sure you’ve all heard of it – where people share their f*ck my life stories J and you can vote!
  • Failbook – hilarious facebook fails, I’m usually laughing at the screen!
  • Rage Comics – these take a page or two to get into the first time, but I’m in love and visit it daily for a laugh!
  • Damn You Auto Correct! – hilarious autocorrect fails to laugh and giggle at!
  • Glozell – ok so this isn’t a site, it’s a youtube channel but Glozell is HILARIOUS! And yes this is her real name!
  • Passive Aggressive Notes – a compilation of hilarious passive aggressive notes people have found left for them!

So go ahead and click and enjoy! Let me know if you have anything to add, if you didn’t enjoy any or loved them! Let me know what you think!
Do all things beautifully! Loves xx JP

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