Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It's all about tickling fancies...

Of late, I've found it difficult to get inspired. Then I read a random tagline, a couple of stray words here or there and ideas struck! It was like magic really, and I wondered if I am beginning to think like I should. Thinking more creatively because I've been practicing thinking this way. So in honour of my recent inspirations and quirky ideas I've listed for you below a bunch of the things that have been away at my fancy with fluffy feathers.

  • The saying 'Close but no cigar,' originated from shows in the mid 20th century in USA where patrons would compete for cigars. The saying came from them receiving a fair score, but the stall owner telling them "Close! But no cigar." -{interesting fact pulled from some web surfing}
  • She was eloquent - for a mole rat. - {Random phrase that came to mind}
  • Some mornings I'm as creative as a thumbtack. - {Start of a blog post here}
  • The fleeting feeling of frivolity as you frolic for your family. - {a line of alliteration}
  • He scribbled the note hastily, before slipping it under the door... - {I love the word scribbled}
  • What is the most beautiful place in the world? Why? To whom? Why is it beautiful to you? - {an intriguing thought - we all have beautiful places in mind no?)
  • I can not stay in the air forever though, landing is necessary. - {taken from an AW blog that you can find here} 

That's about it for now, there were a few more excellent ones that flew away before my pen and paper caught them and wrestled them down to stay caged with me forevermore. 

So do all things beautifully, and smile pretty ones :)

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