Monday, 9 January 2012


For my extended absence, but I've just been so caught up in writing and forums that I'm afraid my poor blog took a backseat. My most recent love is for Absolute Write, a fantastic sight for wannabe authors, and published authors alike - I highly recommend checking it out if you're interested.

The people on the forums are great! Very supportive and willing to help.
Just a heads up - there is a forum called SYW (Share Your Work) and you can post your work here to get other people critiquing it for you. However you need to post 50 times before you can post here, this is great though - at first I was like 'Are you SERIOUS?' but now that I've started posting I've really gotten into the whole community and it's a great idea!

So in writing terms, I've been working on a short story a little bit, which is coming together. I'm actually taking part in the '52 stories in 52 weeks' that you can find here. So that's been really fun because it's encouraged me to explore writing I've never really done much (or any) of before. As for my novel, that's coming along a bit more slowly than I started with but never the less it's still coming along. After a break over Christmas, spanning a few weeks, I came back to a novel that I left feeling like it was going nowhere and the characters were un-relatable and boring - now I LOVE it. So I highly recommend taking time out if you feel as though your work is crappy.

In other news - there is a great critiquing website called Voices in Space that I'd recommend any aspiring writers visit as well. It's less about forums and more about just posting your work for others to read, however you're expected to comment on other works (obviously) and you get to read a great deal of good writing, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction. So that's a great one too.

So that's what I've been upto lately! I promise to post more often over the coming weeks and hope you are all relaxed and ready to rock and roll after the silly season. Hoping you made it all home safely :)

Love all things beautifully, JP xx

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