Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Head 'em up! Move 'em out! Rawhide!

Today, my lovely readers, I attempted to write in a genre that I've never in a BAGILLION YEARS thought I'd even consider writing in. The inspiration? A competition to win three books and an amazon voucher - what better motivation then the lure to win some books eh? However I've written and planned a dozen or so plots and have scrapped every single one of them under the premise of 'OH MY GOD IT'S HORRIBLE!'.

Have any of you branched into a previously un-tried genre and come up blank? Or ridiculous? On the other hand, I'm curious as to whether any of you have leapt into unknown territory and come out pleasantly surprised and successful.

Oh yeah the genre - western. Can you believe it? I am typically a fantasy/adventure/YA/sci-fi writer and I've branched out into a genre I've absolutely no experience or knowledge in. I grew up riding horses, and have seen my fair share of rifles and shotguns, lever action, pump action and bolt action alike. However - NONE OF THIS IS HELPING ME. I thought it would, don't be stupid Julz it's much harder than that!

Anyhow, just a small rant on my unsuccessfullness of the day!

Do all things beautifully, and I wish you luck! JP xx


  1. Hey Julz (Parakeet here again), I'm doing that competition too! Like you I never dreamed I ever write Western (bleh!), but I can't resist a challenge.

    You can do it! What's your favorite genre? Think about that and then add some Western flavor. I love historical fiction, so I started reading about the Old West, learned some new things that fascinated me, and I was off and running! In fact, I'm done and twiddling my fingers waiting for the deadline!

    You can do it! I'm going to look for your entry, don't let me down! :)

    1. Wow I'm impressed! I've only just grasped what I'll be doing! Congrats on getting it smashed out :)

      I decided to go with the Australian Outback, because I find bushrangers intriguing, it was still about 6 different plots before I landed on one that I enjoyed! I find short stories so hard to write. How long should they be? Round about? 1000 words is so short!

      I'll be looking out for your entry too! Good luck!