Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Finally! Organised, Home Binder Style!

So a few weeks ago, I was looking back through all the blog posts on iHeart Organising (GREAT blog, I fully recommend that you head on over and get inspired!) and was particularly intrigued by the home binder post. I know it's an old post but I had a lot of time and love her ideas! This was great for me, as I'm always looking for ways to sort and organise all those papers that come into the house - insurance docs etc. So I've shared the success of my story below! With some pics to show off just how excited I am :) Enjoy! Let me know if you have a go at this - I'd love to hear about it!

First I picked this pretty binder out at my local officeworks (they have the best range and are even cheaper than Kmart!)

I will eventually spiff it up a bit with a fancier insert and some scrapbook letters or something of the like on the front, so it isn't so plain.

Next, I organised a cover page so it's pretty!

I decided that nice and simple was best, especially for me - I seem to be so scatterbrained!
Next, I organised my finance section - I put it at the forefront because getting bills paid on time is the most important thing to me in the home. I did a nice coversheet, put the details for a direct debit I need to set up in the front pocket, and organised a 'bills to pay' checklist. Lovely!

Yay! This is where I started getting excited, there were things in my binder! Haha.

Next was my 'Dates' section...

In this section I store birthday cards in the pockets (handy for when you need one last minute, or see a card that's perfect for someone). I also keep important dates to remember, birthdays, anniversaries etc. I keep a calendar that I put schedules on and also a 'gift ideas' schedule, so that I can plan gifts in advance. This is great if I need some time to order it online or something!

I have a seperate cover sheet for each category, so a blue pretty sheet for Calendar, Important Dates and Gift Ideas.

Next? Contacts!

I have 'People to Call'

And a page of 'Important Contacts' so that if we go away and leave someone in the house they can contact emergency services, or us. It also serves if lover needs to contact my fam, as I know he doesn't have those in his phone!

Next is a very thin section - travelling! I intend to fill this up with ideas and plans of where we're going to go, at the moment it just holds this....

Next tab is Home Maintenance! This pretty much holds all of the household info that we need, including our Cleaning Schedule, To Do Lists and a Media Checklist. This way I can keep on top of chores every day, week, month, quarter and year! The media checklist also means I know what I own, and can keep track if something goes missing, I'm still filling that one out!

And that's that! For now... I plan to keep adding to it as I need. Lots of people have a kids or school section, but that doesn't apply to me! Same as with pet sections etc... I imagine if an when those things become applicable I'll add them in.
So comment, let me know what you think! I hope you get inspired to try something like this! I love being organised. I think I'll do something like this for my writing too - do you guys have any suggestions as to how I could do this? New binders! Yay!

Do all things beautifully, JP xxox

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