Sunday, 29 January 2012

Beautiful Bron's Bogan 21st Bash!

We all have an inner bogan just itching to burst forth, and this weekend a whole bunch of us were able to let out our crazy bogan selves and party hard at my mates 21st bogan party. I had to give a speech with another mate of mine which (I think) was pretty well received! Check out the photos below! Definitely have some writing material from these!

There were some speeches to give, as per our aim, we had the birthday girl covering her face in embarrassment and shame :p

Here are some bogans ready for the night, with the exception of the beautifully dressed Kathy on the right :)

I had my whole outfit downpat, complete with messy hair and tramp stamp.

Pickin' me teeth the way you oughta after a delicious meal and cake...

The beautiful birthday girl :)

Bogans all lined up for easy pickins...

And of course lover was rockin the dirty mullet look. If he ever tried this in real life, I think he'd be single real quick :p.

Twas a fantastic night that has set the bar high for all the 21sts that are to come this year! Do all things beautifully like the lovely birthday girl Bron :) JP xx


  1. Me and two close girl friends had our 21st over the christmas period so we celebrated them all at once in an amazing weekend away. We had this huge converted barn and a different themed night each evening to celebrate each of the birthdays in order. You're only 21 once.

    1. That sounds fantastic! This is the year of 21sts for my friends and I, and some of us might just have to do something like that!

      Thanks for the ideas ;)JP xx