Thursday, 19 January 2012

Be Mine Valentine?

So it's Valentine's Day in under a month, and I always panic at the thought of having to do something romantic for lover - because lets face it, it's hard to pull off romantic without it being 'sappy' and he is definitely a man's man - sappy just won't do!

Do any of you beautiful readers out there have any suggestions? So far all I've got is baking him some chocolate cupcakes with pink icing. He loves food, and I don't cook or bake if I can help it, but I've done some decorating in a bakery I use to work at, so I'm fairly confident that if I can get the recipes down-pat, that I can decorate them to be looking pretty swish.

Does this sounds stupid? Let me know so I can try a couple batches, maybe I'll let you know how well it goes (or how well it doesn't go...) I'm so open to suggestions lovely ones!

Do all things beautifully! JP xx

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