Monday, 5 December 2011

There's a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper...

I wrote a poem for this one about 3 times but it kept getting stupider and stupider as I went on. These prompts ended up being hard than I expected :/

"Excuse me good sir, would you mind lending me the sports?" A tall gentlemen enquires of the man sitting at the park bench with his newspaper. The squat man on the bench looks up to inspect the asker before him, taking in his expensive waistcoat, the chain from his pocket indication a gold pocket watch lay within, and the bespectacled eyes that beamed down at him. He seemed a jolly enough fellow, what harm could lending a section of his paper do?
"Certainly," he replied shortly, but not unkindly. He sifted through his paper to find the section his new found companion desired and handed it to him as the tall fellow took a place next to him on the park bench. He inched over a little to allow the large man more room for his long legs and muscled arms in the hopes he might find it more comfortable.

The two men sat in silence, the only sound the rustling of paper as they turned the pages, an occasional jogger ran past breaking the silence, or a bark from a dog from the opposite side of the large park. As the sun shifted higher into the sky the park grew busier with the rush of the day. When he'd finished reading his sports section, the taller man simply folded up the section, placed it beside him and continued to sit in silence and observe the world around him, seemingly taking in every detail of the park and it's visitors.

His presence didn't unnerve the smaller man, as he thought it might, as he found the company of this stranger comforting. He didn't feel the need to fill the air with conversation or to disrupt him from his paper by way of conversation or fidgeting. Indeed he sat quite still, almost statuesque as he continued to observe the park and it's contents.

Finally the dumpy man completed reading his newspaper and offered the rest to his companion.
"Oh no that's ok, I was simply interested in the fishing section, I love to read about the fantastic fish that are caught these days. Fishing sure isn't what it used to be." he ended with a sigh.

And with that, he stood up, thanked his new found acquaintance for his kindness and company and continued on his way. The small man wasn't unperturbed by the suddenness of both his appearance and departure, but instead felt glad that he'd shared the beautiful quiet of the morning in the park with someone else who appreciated it.

I know, a bit stupid right? But what are the little encounters in life worth if we don't value them? I think it's the little things that count towards the big things, sometimes more than we know.

Do everything so that it's beautiful! xx JP

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