Sunday, 4 December 2011

The asteroid was hurtling straight for...

Me. I ducked.
"Jesus Randy, do you have to destroy everything?" I called after him, as bloody hopeless as that boy was, I couldn't help but smile though as he giggled running through the house. His space diarama had won him an award in class and he was ever so proud. Although since the judging was over he had taken great pleasure in hurling the pieces of his paper mache` box at my head. The latest being an asteroid.

I found him in his room giggling from under the covers.
"Hmmm... where could Randy be?" I said aloud to myself. "If he wasn't so damn good at hiding I'd teach him a thing or two for throwing an asteroid at my head - I could be brain damaged!" I moved toward the bed.
"Randy? Randy are you in here?" He tried to stifle his giggles. I crept closer to the bed before throwing myself on him and tickling anywhere I could reach. His shrieks of laughter made me smile as I stopped tickling him and his head popped out above the blankets. He was grinning from ear to ear.
"Quite an impressive asteroid," I told him, "Just about knocked my head off!" I smiled, he giggled and wrapped his arms around my neck. Despite what people may say, and all whispers and pointing fingers, this boy was beautiful. As beautiful as any I'd met and I was grateful to have him in my life.

--->Yeah so I'm not so impressed with this one. A bit meh, but I didn't want to do the whole 'An asteroid was hurtling straight for earth!' So I mixed it up a little. Do all things so they're beautiful! Love JP xx

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