Sunday, 18 December 2011

9. Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird...

hopped across the top of the fence. Stopping to bob on each post as he made his way across the partition. From across the yard, a small boy watched from his foggy window. His small round face flushed pink and full of inquisitive wonder as he followed the small bird on his path. How he longed to go outside, to play in the snow with the other kids from town. All he could ever to was watch. He turned his attention back to the dimly lit room that was his prison. The room was dank and musty, and he resented being locked in here. He climbed back on his bed, the chains scraping against the harsh metal frame as he pulled his legs up behind him. He curled up on his bed, awaiting the return of the man he hated and loved. He seemed like a nice man, bringing him food, buying him clothes and toys. But he didn't understand why he had to chain him up to the bed. He wasn't going to run away. He might have at first, tried to find his mummy again, but he didn't want to now. He couldn't remember how long he'd been kept here, in the dark room, but he hardly remembered his mum anymore. Her kind face was no longer clearly visible in his memory, and he had lots of fun toys here.

He heard a loud clunk,  and sat on the edge of his bed as he anticipated the arrival of his captor. The young man swung open the door before entering the small room. He had with him a plate, which held a sandwich - peanut butter and jam by the looks - and made his way over to the bed.
"Are you hungry?" he asked kindly.
"Yes," the boy said simply. The man handed him the plate and the boy murmured his thanks, before shooting a small smile up at the kind man. When he had finished, he handed the plate back to the man.
"Can I go outside today?" he started, hurrying once he began so that he might get it all out, "Just for a moment, I'd like to play in the snow, we don't even have to leave the backyard!" he said.
"Alex, you know you can't go outside. The world is dangerous, there are too many people that want to hurt you," he said, his kind blue eyes bearing down on the small boy, his face stern, but not unkind. He seemed genuinely concerned for his welfare.
"You know I can't let them hurt you," he said, "but I tell you what, I'll see what I can do about that snow." he smiled, before standing and exiting the room. He grinned at Alex as he pulled the door closed behind him.

Alex returned to the windowsill, suprised at finding the blackbird still bobbing along the garden fence. He decided that he'd call him Billy, he thought that Billy Blackbird was a good name. Alex lost track of how long he sat at his window and watched the small bird flit around the yard. The sky outside grew dark and he took one last look at the merry little bird before he slid from his bed and went to relieve himself in the small adjacent bathroom. Alex looked out at the black night and sighed, he liked the kind man, but still missed what he remembered of his mummy.

Yeah so I'm pretty sick and twisted huh? A beautiful prompt like that and I turn it into a man holding a kid hostage... decide upon your own reasons for his captive state.

Do all things beautifully :) JP xx

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