Sunday, 18 December 2011

10. The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitresses arm and said...

"Don't go outside until your shift is finished. Your life is in danger." She looked confused, but agreed to his request. He let go of her arm and walked through the kitchens and out the door that the staff would use to have a smoke. He looked left and right, before reaching into his jacket to pull out his .38 colt.  He held the gun low, pointed towards the ground so as not to alarm a passerby that may not notice it in the dark. He knew the offender must have been stalking the women from the abandoned warehouse across the street. He walked over to the derelict building and pushed open a rusted door. It opened with a loud groan and he cursed that he'd not thought it might have done that.

Dan was greeted by an immediate staircase, taking him to a second level of the factory. He climbed the staircase slowly, his gun out in front of him now. From the mesh balcony he stood on now, he could see almost all of the first floor of the factory, save for the small office in the back corner. He was unsure as to were the suspect could be. The abandoned building was huge. He skulked along the railing, keeping his back to the external wall so not to be ambushed from behind. He winced each time he would kick a nail or screw from where it had been precariously perched, before he sent it falling to the cement ground below, where a quiet ring would emanate throughout the vaste expanse of warehouse. He tread more lightly from then on, keeping more aware of his movements. It was then that he heard it, a small ring from the opposite side of the warehouse, indicating that the unsub had made the same mistake he had just moments before. He cast his eyes across the eery gloom but it was too dark for him to see into the shadows of the far side of the warehouse. He hoped that his was also the case for the stranger.

The only way for Dan to cross the expanse without being seen would be to creep his way across the wall to the left side of the building, then use that shadow to creep across, avoiding where the glow of the moon lit up the middle expanse of the shed.

Yeah so I got bored with this one, I guess that crime writing is not for me! I suppose I may come back later and play with it :p Do all things beautifully JP xx

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