Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yesterday was a day of mourning for lovers of technology everywhere.

So yesterday we lost Steve Jobs. Whether you love or hate apple you have to admit, the man was a visionary. It makes me sad to think that we lost one of the toughest and brightest minds of our era but I guess we couldn't have him forever.

This was one of Steve Jobs' first apple computers - it's called the Apple II ;

Crazy eh? This was back innnnn 1977 - crazy eh?
This pretty little trinket was released in 1999 and was apple's first portable computer;

And to think we've come all the way to this;

It's amazing to think that one man did all this (well obviously not all by himself but spearheaded by him) and the enormous steps through technology that our world has made through his innovation. You will be missed good man.

He actually left apple in 1986 because of some kind of power struggle and ended up going back to apple after his little project 'NeXT' didn't really take off and apple bought it anyway... so there you go, bit of Steve Jobs trivia. Either way the world has lost a great man.

Rest in peace Steve Jobs. JP xx

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