Tuesday, 27 September 2011

You are Beautiful

Well this week has got me to thinking... how the hell do I get myself in these messes? I mean I manage to make myself accountable to so many people it ends up being impossible to please them all. Do any of you have this problem? Where you can't help but help and you end up in the sh*t because of it? Also as part of my new campaign against potty mouths (especially younguns with their dirty potty mouths) I plan on cutting back my online and verbal swearing, and starring out the vowels in swearwords where I don't want to remove them.

Anyway the obvious people I am accountable to are my bosses, my family, and my lover, I am accountable to them as I always want to consider them in all my choices and opinions... but somehow I end up doing stuff for countless other people, and end up getting my buttholey ripped because I didn't do good enough. I mean it upsets me because I'm doing ten THOUSAND things at once and as a result, am not excelling at anything. I mean volunteer positions as treasure for clubs etc. I still end up in the sh*t because I'm not good enough at it, well no sh*t genius - I'm 19 and have never treasured before and to tell you the truth - just not that great at it all! So hell.

But I wish it were that simple, I just end up feeling awful and guilty for months because I've made myself so gosh darn accountable and I feel like I've just failed.

So moral of this post isn't necessarily a good one - don't start stuff because if you don't start, it's one less thing you can fail at. Jeeeesus that's a bit pessimistic isn't it. Hopefully I'll have a brighter message for you all tomorrow!

Do all you can so that the world around you is more beautiful. JPxx

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