Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rush rush and zoomedy zoom!

Hey lovers, haters, fighters and peace makers. How's the world been in my prolonged absence? I've been GREAT :) Holiday to the snow was faaaantastic. Plenty of pain but not a single bruise to show for it which sucks buttholeh.

I will post some pics of us all in the snow as soon as lover manages to email them down to me from wherever the woop woop he is. Only four days of snowboarding was not worth the 3 days of travelling that we had to endure that's for sure. It was a hectic weekend anyway, Friday we travelled to Perth and stayed at a motel and it was lover's day of birth! So we'd planned to go out to the cas to celebrate but by the time it rolled around lover felt a bit shady and we were pretty knackered so we went to bed. Lo and behold at 1am lover was violently ill and returned to the bed with the shakes. Thank the sweet lord in heaven that was all of it - despite his feeling shitey for the next couple days..

So Saturday we had 11 hours to kill before our flight, so where did we go? There were 3 boys, a dad and I so of course the most logical place to go was the shooting range nearby! It was actually pretty cool I'll admit, we shot a handgun (I forget the name but apparently it was one of the biggest you can get) and it was perrrrty awesome. It kicked a lot and I was NOT expecting the sparks that flew! But yes, definitely something cool to cross off the bucket list :)

We went to the airport at around 8:30 to check in for our 10:55pm flight (gotta love them cheap red-eyes) and there we were met with some unpleasant news. FLIGHT CANCELLED! So we organised to get seats on the next plane that was taking off at 12:55pm and by the time they'd loaded our names into the system and we'd checked in and everything we had to run to the gate from bag drop. I was greeted by a little kid violently and vocally hurling his guts up into a bin nearby. Cheers for that kiddo. Just what I needed. I tell you I'd had more than enough spew for the last few days.

So finally we were on our flight. We arrived in Melbourne at 6am their time and had to wait until 10am for our bus to arrive to charter us to falls creek. I don't know if you've ever been to the Melbourne-Tullamarine airport but the f*cker is way out of town, so lover had a nice sleep on the rock hard tiled floor (you'd think they'd have some carpet for us sleepers!) while we tried to kill the hours that awaited us.

FINALLY! 10am arrived. Woohoo, a 6 hour drive to the snow. Which I'll admit wasn't too bad as the Victorian countryside is beautiful. So after a 30km ascent (taking 30 minutes!) we finally arrived at the village of falls creek. So of course being the naive "I've-never-seen-snow-before" me, I was shocked that not everything was blanketed in snow. In fact there were only the rare clumps that appeared anywhere other than the runs. But I guess being at the end of the season I should have expected this, and snow - it's not as soft and fluffy as the movies show, especially when you land on it at pace!

So yes yes holiday was fantastic. But this was Sunday night we were arriving, having not slept since the Friday night before---so there you go I guess sleepy tired and travel-worn people in a tiny apartment. It was an excellent week, 4 hard days of snowboarding before doing the whole trip back again, we got to spend a day in Melbourne on the way home which was fantastic!

Then that was that, home sweet home we were and back in the rut of our regular 9-5 jobs. Lover flew back to woop woop from Perth and ol' buddy and I drove down together the same day. It was excellent, and lover and I are already planning our next trip back! Snow is amazing!

I write this from a computer in an office in Como, Perth. Yesterday morning I was abruptly removed from my office in the chilly south to trek the four hours to the big city in order to cover for the receptionist who's quite ill. It hasn't been to bad actually, it's getting to know where everything is that's the hardest part. So this will be the fourth time in 4 weeks that I've been in the big city (I'll give you a clue of the city, it starts with 'P' and ends with 'erth' ;) I'm so funny.

I don't mind being a receptionist, it's slightly less stress than being an accountant in terms of getting people their work on time that's for sure! I might have to make it full time ;)

Well I will definitely add photos to this story as soon as they're in my hot little hand! So keep checking back for some excellent snaps. We even got a video of ol' bud and I smashing into each other and toppling in opposite directions :P.

Do everything so that it's beautiful, like the Victorian countryside. Jxx

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