Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I have for sale (or for giveaway I guess) one red-crested lyrebird. On behalf on the Australian public I would like to offer this little beauty up for adoption. She has an endearing little waddle, a slightly tapered beak, and a f*cking annoying curious chirp that if goes unstopped will drive any owner mad.

Accepting all offers of interest, and considering a reward to the one that takes her off our hands.

I've never been very good at politics - I've always been a liberal supporter and Julia Gillard is just destroying not only our government, but women's representation in government! It upsets me that Australia's first female Prime Minister backstabbed manipulated her way into the job and is doing so poorly. People in any type of job should be there because of their skill set, regardless of their gender - so if this means that men are better at running the country, then so be it. But what this woman is doing is destroying Australia's faith in women in government.

Anybody else have any opinions on Julia Gillard?

Make everything beautiful JPxx

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