Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I have for sale (or for giveaway I guess) one red-crested lyrebird. On behalf on the Australian public I would like to offer this little beauty up for adoption. She has an endearing little waddle, a slightly tapered beak, and a f*cking annoying curious chirp that if goes unstopped will drive any owner mad.

Accepting all offers of interest, and considering a reward to the one that takes her off our hands.

I've never been very good at politics - I've always been a liberal supporter and Julia Gillard is just destroying not only our government, but women's representation in government! It upsets me that Australia's first female Prime Minister backstabbed manipulated her way into the job and is doing so poorly. People in any type of job should be there because of their skill set, regardless of their gender - so if this means that men are better at running the country, then so be it. But what this woman is doing is destroying Australia's faith in women in government.

Anybody else have any opinions on Julia Gillard?

Make everything beautiful JPxx

Spunky Mider? Why Thanks, I'll Take Two.

What is a Spunky Mider you ask? Well it's a Monkey Spider that gets it's words confused a fair bit of the time. I'd rather enjoy having a pet one, I'd keep it by me and it'd whisper me advice as I needed it, and also insult the people I don't like into my ear so I can chuckle at the louts that wreck my day. I'd call him Archibald - Archie for short. Yes, I think that'd go down a treat :)

Do everything so that it's as beautiful as it can be - you're beautiful. JPxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

You are Beautiful

Well this week has got me to thinking... how the hell do I get myself in these messes? I mean I manage to make myself accountable to so many people it ends up being impossible to please them all. Do any of you have this problem? Where you can't help but help and you end up in the sh*t because of it? Also as part of my new campaign against potty mouths (especially younguns with their dirty potty mouths) I plan on cutting back my online and verbal swearing, and starring out the vowels in swearwords where I don't want to remove them.

Anyway the obvious people I am accountable to are my bosses, my family, and my lover, I am accountable to them as I always want to consider them in all my choices and opinions... but somehow I end up doing stuff for countless other people, and end up getting my buttholey ripped because I didn't do good enough. I mean it upsets me because I'm doing ten THOUSAND things at once and as a result, am not excelling at anything. I mean volunteer positions as treasure for clubs etc. I still end up in the sh*t because I'm not good enough at it, well no sh*t genius - I'm 19 and have never treasured before and to tell you the truth - just not that great at it all! So hell.

But I wish it were that simple, I just end up feeling awful and guilty for months because I've made myself so gosh darn accountable and I feel like I've just failed.

So moral of this post isn't necessarily a good one - don't start stuff because if you don't start, it's one less thing you can fail at. Jeeeesus that's a bit pessimistic isn't it. Hopefully I'll have a brighter message for you all tomorrow!

Do all you can so that the world around you is more beautiful. JPxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I got to be a-thinking about the man in the sky.

Not to be confused with the man on the moon. Over the last few weeks or so, I've been doing a lot of thinking about God. Now I don't want to scare you all away with a huge sermon or anything, and I'm certainly not here to preach, almost the opposite in fact. But I have to say, over the last few weeks with the huge changes that have been happening in my life, a few things have prompted me to evaluate where I stand with the whole 'give your life to Jesus to be fulfilled' thing.

I used to be quite dedicated to the christian belief a few years ago, primarily instigated by being surrounded by fellow Christians, friends and even a boyfriend at one stage. Now I've had a good long think, and I can't really tell if believing or not believing has put me in a better place. I know when good things happen when you're a believer you're all "It was God's work that rewarded me," or "God made this happen" but when you don't believe, good things still happen, sometimes better I'd say. Now it's very easy to manipulate God's word in the bible, and I can't go saying that religious people do it, but I know that some do. If bad things happen while you believe it was your fault, because you made the wrong choices, not God.

So it got me to wondering, why do good things happen when you don't believe? There's the whole theory on "God is trying to give you second chances" and all that. But if we were to do a study on how 'happy' people are and compare those who have faith and those who don't, how different would the results be? I mean as far as I can tell life is pretty much the same for people who make similar choices regardless of their faith. I guess that faith allows those who face hardship to hold onto hope that a higher power will see them through. I have to admit, if for nothing else at all, being able to 'talk' to God, by way of a chat or prayer, is comforting to in the fact that you know that you can't hide anything or lie to yourself because this person you're having the one-sided convo with already knows the whole story, you can't embellish or defend yourself, and so you're forced to accept the deadline truth regardless of your conscience. That in itself I think is a very compelling reason to believe. It offers a lot of comfort.

But if we're to argue that the purpose of life is to be happy on your journey from nappies to deathbed, then how much difference does 'believing' really make? I don't mean to sound skeptical, but a good Christian friend of mine once told me that God wants us to question his existence - which is what I'm doing now. I haven't prayed or believed in a long time, not in the strictest Christian sense, I subconsciously believe that God or a God exits, it's been instilled in me since birth, but the relevance he has to my life, or even society is lost on me. There has been no physical evidence of the existence of a God since the days in which the bible was written and Jesus walked the earth. Really - what can we prove? Maybe God died, has it been considered that he was not as immortal as we'd hoped? Perhaps he created another world not corrupt with the seven sins he despised so much.

Either way, I can't seem to find an answer that fits except that he doesn't exist, but I still don't want to blindly claim that there is no God. It's a nice thought isn't it?

Anyway I mean not to offend, but just to voice my thoughts on the matter.

Do everything you can so that it's beautiful. Jxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hello my pretties :)

So here we are, another humpday, another hectic week half over. I am in the bestest of moods and have been for the best part of the week! It was a pretty good start as work was hectic (but manageable) which made my Monday speeeeed by. Which is always a good thing. Then my mood was re-vamped yesterday morning when filling up my car, and the guy at the servo charged the lady before me for my fuel! Mine was 80 bucks and hers a mere 40! So I paid for her fuel and was on my way... wooooohoooo to free fuel!

I know it probably sucked for the lady but she'd driven off so eh. And today... well today is Wednesday the 21st of September 2011 and you know what that means? LOVER GETS HOME TODAY! I'm going straight to the airport after work to pick him up and I can not WAIT to see him! So there's that to look forward to. I'm living with Uncle and Aunty while waiting to see if I get the apartment I want (the real estate rang my office yesterday to confirm my income with the boss so touchwood!) and as Lover has been away for a sinfully long time... he booked us in at a hotel so we don't annoy the fam *insert cheeky giggle here*

So yes! An excellent week, the only little bit of rain on my somewhat shiny parade is that lover will be travelling the 400kms to our hometown tomorrow while I have to trek it back in to work *sigh* but hey, we spend the moments we can together and cherish them more... I'll take what I can get =D

So I hope you all are having a truly excellent week to rival mine or perhaps surpass it? If you are surpassing my excellent week do let me know :) I'd love to hear it.

Do all you can to make things beautiful :) Jxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Always a Rushin and a Changin!

There's so much going on! I hardly seem to be able to catch up! I have so much going on for clubs left, right and centre. Trying to find replacement treasurer's so I can focus on my study and then there's the study! A woman's work is never done, and on top of that, my lease is up in 3 SHORT WEEKS. Oh dear god. I have so much to do.

On the plus side, lover is back in 8 sleeps and I freaking cannot wait to see him! It'll only have been two and half weeks, still too freaking long, I can't believe how it seems longer and longer no matter what. I miss my lover! Then he's down for one measly little week then gone for another 4.5 and he isn't back until a wedding! Which means I won't be spending that first night that he's back with him, as he's on the bridal party and has to spend the night before with the groom. Faaaarrrrrrk. I miss him so much.

I'm sitting in my huge house all by myself in the freeeeezing cold under a rug on the couch wishing lover were here to light my fire, keep me warm and shower me with love.

So anyway, now that I've had me bitch about all that I miss of lover have a lovely evening :)

Do everything so that it's B-E-A-utiful Jxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rush rush and zoomedy zoom!

Hey lovers, haters, fighters and peace makers. How's the world been in my prolonged absence? I've been GREAT :) Holiday to the snow was faaaantastic. Plenty of pain but not a single bruise to show for it which sucks buttholeh.

I will post some pics of us all in the snow as soon as lover manages to email them down to me from wherever the woop woop he is. Only four days of snowboarding was not worth the 3 days of travelling that we had to endure that's for sure. It was a hectic weekend anyway, Friday we travelled to Perth and stayed at a motel and it was lover's day of birth! So we'd planned to go out to the cas to celebrate but by the time it rolled around lover felt a bit shady and we were pretty knackered so we went to bed. Lo and behold at 1am lover was violently ill and returned to the bed with the shakes. Thank the sweet lord in heaven that was all of it - despite his feeling shitey for the next couple days..

So Saturday we had 11 hours to kill before our flight, so where did we go? There were 3 boys, a dad and I so of course the most logical place to go was the shooting range nearby! It was actually pretty cool I'll admit, we shot a handgun (I forget the name but apparently it was one of the biggest you can get) and it was perrrrty awesome. It kicked a lot and I was NOT expecting the sparks that flew! But yes, definitely something cool to cross off the bucket list :)

We went to the airport at around 8:30 to check in for our 10:55pm flight (gotta love them cheap red-eyes) and there we were met with some unpleasant news. FLIGHT CANCELLED! So we organised to get seats on the next plane that was taking off at 12:55pm and by the time they'd loaded our names into the system and we'd checked in and everything we had to run to the gate from bag drop. I was greeted by a little kid violently and vocally hurling his guts up into a bin nearby. Cheers for that kiddo. Just what I needed. I tell you I'd had more than enough spew for the last few days.

So finally we were on our flight. We arrived in Melbourne at 6am their time and had to wait until 10am for our bus to arrive to charter us to falls creek. I don't know if you've ever been to the Melbourne-Tullamarine airport but the f*cker is way out of town, so lover had a nice sleep on the rock hard tiled floor (you'd think they'd have some carpet for us sleepers!) while we tried to kill the hours that awaited us.

FINALLY! 10am arrived. Woohoo, a 6 hour drive to the snow. Which I'll admit wasn't too bad as the Victorian countryside is beautiful. So after a 30km ascent (taking 30 minutes!) we finally arrived at the village of falls creek. So of course being the naive "I've-never-seen-snow-before" me, I was shocked that not everything was blanketed in snow. In fact there were only the rare clumps that appeared anywhere other than the runs. But I guess being at the end of the season I should have expected this, and snow - it's not as soft and fluffy as the movies show, especially when you land on it at pace!

So yes yes holiday was fantastic. But this was Sunday night we were arriving, having not slept since the Friday night before---so there you go I guess sleepy tired and travel-worn people in a tiny apartment. It was an excellent week, 4 hard days of snowboarding before doing the whole trip back again, we got to spend a day in Melbourne on the way home which was fantastic!

Then that was that, home sweet home we were and back in the rut of our regular 9-5 jobs. Lover flew back to woop woop from Perth and ol' buddy and I drove down together the same day. It was excellent, and lover and I are already planning our next trip back! Snow is amazing!

I write this from a computer in an office in Como, Perth. Yesterday morning I was abruptly removed from my office in the chilly south to trek the four hours to the big city in order to cover for the receptionist who's quite ill. It hasn't been to bad actually, it's getting to know where everything is that's the hardest part. So this will be the fourth time in 4 weeks that I've been in the big city (I'll give you a clue of the city, it starts with 'P' and ends with 'erth' ;) I'm so funny.

I don't mind being a receptionist, it's slightly less stress than being an accountant in terms of getting people their work on time that's for sure! I might have to make it full time ;)

Well I will definitely add photos to this story as soon as they're in my hot little hand! So keep checking back for some excellent snaps. We even got a video of ol' bud and I smashing into each other and toppling in opposite directions :P.

Do everything so that it's beautiful, like the Victorian countryside. Jxx