Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Busy lives and empty hearts

So here we are super super busy at work once again. I feel as though I can't get a grip of everything I'm doing, there's just so much work and people all want their tax back straight away! One thing I've learned is that every client thinks they're the only one, or likes to think they're the only one. Not so. However I have to play along with the little charade in their fantasy world where they're the most important person to me.

Anyway on brighter notes... only ten days until lover is home and I can see him once more. I miss him so so much. However I'll be driving him straight home from the airport when he arrives on the Saturday - four hours of driving after seeing the lover. That's four hours on top of the 4 weeks without a good eff you see kaying that I'll have to wait... good lord this is going to suck butthole. But at least I'll be back with my beautiful beautiful man :)

In other news I saw Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the cinema last night for the third time. Go figure eh. It was excellent. I didn't even cry this time (shut up Snape is a beautiful person :S) however the kid they cast to play him is super creepy. Gives me chills. How would you like your eleven year old daughter hanging out with this?
Creepy right? Yeah I thought so too. And that's the uncreepiest pic I can find. His eyeballs are too stare-y.

Foooock dat.

Do everything so it's beautiful xx

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