Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A List

Today I wrote a list. A beautiful list that I hope will organise my days and decrease my stress levels. I had a bit of a cry to lover last night - just a sook really about how hard my life is haha, and how his absence doesn't help when I've had a bad day. And the dog peed all over the couch... which sure as HELL don't help a bad day.

So she was thrown outside in her pen for the night and I curled up on the NOT soaking wet couch and cried down the line to loverrr.. but eh, I'm a woman and crying and sleeping is excellent. If the world had more cries and sleeps I can guarantee there'd be no more wars. Everything is better afterwards anyway - the calm after the storm. Hence, my list.

There are 9 things on my list. One of which is really four different things for the same person. I've done 5 of them so I'm over halfway there. I'm sort of waiting on a reply for another, about to do another in an hour when I go meet someone and then there's only two left. The two that are the biggest ugliest jobs I'm afraid. But still, two from 9 is a much more chewable chunk.

So my fondness of lists has grown. I now have the radio working in my car, thanks for number 6 on the list. I've purchased my little sisters bday present at number 9 (a voucher for the local surf shop) and my dentist bill is now non-existant after completing number 8. Only numbers 1 & 7 remain...... wish me luck!

Do you ever write lists to get things done? To-do list sounds like a dumb name, mine is more like a 'things you wish you didn't have to do but really should get your arse into gear and just do it' list. That's a bit more accurate.

Do everything so that it's beautiful xx

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