Sunday, 21 August 2011

Life In General Really

So who will look out for you when your friends won't? You, that's who. When people you thought were your budds, closest enough for you to want to make sacrifices for them, decide to stuff you over for their own benefit, it can really put a downer on life.

I mean, yeah you gotta look out for yourself  but some people are just selfish - and they're always going to stay that way. I kick myself for being the stupid bitch that is always trusting people time and time again. I mean you think you'd know after the first or maybe the second time they flaked. But no. Good ol' Julz thinks hey - they're good people, surely they'll see sense and have the same view as us. Nope. Butholes.

Twice in 2 days I've been screwed over on exceedingly similar issues by two different friends. You tell me, is it something I'm doing wrong? Gooodddddd. I don't know what's up or down these days. I miss my buds in Perth. They're good, honest, down to earth, sensible, loving, considerate, passionate people that I love to be around because I know they'll think about me as well as themselves. So there.

To all you selfish, self obsessed, self-centered people that don't give a rats butthole about people other than yourselves - you will end up taking care of yourselves for the rest of your lives. Nobody wants to be around people who don't care for them. I can promise, you'll end up alone on your deathbed crying into your pumpkin soup because Martha doesn't want to swap your silverbeet for her pickled onions because you didn't give a wizards butthole that her son had died fighting in Iraq.


Do everything BEAUTIFULLY xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A List

Today I wrote a list. A beautiful list that I hope will organise my days and decrease my stress levels. I had a bit of a cry to lover last night - just a sook really about how hard my life is haha, and how his absence doesn't help when I've had a bad day. And the dog peed all over the couch... which sure as HELL don't help a bad day.

So she was thrown outside in her pen for the night and I curled up on the NOT soaking wet couch and cried down the line to loverrr.. but eh, I'm a woman and crying and sleeping is excellent. If the world had more cries and sleeps I can guarantee there'd be no more wars. Everything is better afterwards anyway - the calm after the storm. Hence, my list.

There are 9 things on my list. One of which is really four different things for the same person. I've done 5 of them so I'm over halfway there. I'm sort of waiting on a reply for another, about to do another in an hour when I go meet someone and then there's only two left. The two that are the biggest ugliest jobs I'm afraid. But still, two from 9 is a much more chewable chunk.

So my fondness of lists has grown. I now have the radio working in my car, thanks for number 6 on the list. I've purchased my little sisters bday present at number 9 (a voucher for the local surf shop) and my dentist bill is now non-existant after completing number 8. Only numbers 1 & 7 remain...... wish me luck!

Do you ever write lists to get things done? To-do list sounds like a dumb name, mine is more like a 'things you wish you didn't have to do but really should get your arse into gear and just do it' list. That's a bit more accurate.

Do everything so that it's beautiful xx

Busy lives and empty hearts

So here we are super super busy at work once again. I feel as though I can't get a grip of everything I'm doing, there's just so much work and people all want their tax back straight away! One thing I've learned is that every client thinks they're the only one, or likes to think they're the only one. Not so. However I have to play along with the little charade in their fantasy world where they're the most important person to me.

Anyway on brighter notes... only ten days until lover is home and I can see him once more. I miss him so so much. However I'll be driving him straight home from the airport when he arrives on the Saturday - four hours of driving after seeing the lover. That's four hours on top of the 4 weeks without a good eff you see kaying that I'll have to wait... good lord this is going to suck butthole. But at least I'll be back with my beautiful beautiful man :)

In other news I saw Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the cinema last night for the third time. Go figure eh. It was excellent. I didn't even cry this time (shut up Snape is a beautiful person :S) however the kid they cast to play him is super creepy. Gives me chills. How would you like your eleven year old daughter hanging out with this?
Creepy right? Yeah I thought so too. And that's the uncreepiest pic I can find. His eyeballs are too stare-y.

Foooock dat.

Do everything so it's beautiful xx