Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy New Financial Year!

So I'm five days late, and in the accounting profession I guess that is somewhat an abomination but let me tell you - busy time ain't here yet! But it's well on it's way, with people wanting their moulah good and speedy!

So lover has been back for 4 glorious days and I can't spend enough time with him. He may beg to differ but I'm continuing to stick to him like a leech every spare moment I get {of course work seems to have other ideas}. Anyway a day off tomorrow to spend with him will be EXCELLENT.

How is everyone's Tuesday anyway? Good? Glad. Tuesday isn't too bad, I mean it isn't Monday, there's a point, tomorrow is humpday, another point... and then humpday isn't far from Thursday - which is late night shopping - then after Thursday comes Friday, Friday gotta get down on Fridayyyy... if I'm not wrong you just sang that in your head to the tune of Rebecca Black - Friday. Bahah sorry about that but it's gotta be done.

So yes, Tuesday is a glorious day, plus I have Wednesday off, which is yet another reason to love the day of Tues. Anyway have a beautiful beautiful day and I hope that your dreams come true! =D

Do all you can to make everything beautiful :) xxox

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