Saturday, 30 July 2011

How Damn Rude!

Oh dear it seems that my terribly fascinating life has swept me away from all thing blog. On the plus side, it leaves me with many interesting things to talk about seeings as so much has happened since my last post. I've had the lover spend a week at home (obviously when I stopped writing), then two weeks flew by before I was off to Broome to see him... and oh boy was it fabulous! The weather was AMAZING and I managed to get a tan in the middle of winter! =) Whether we were cooling off in the hotel pool....

Or checking out the nudie beach.....

Believe me, all old grandpas and nooooo sexy ladies... or whether we're checking out the croc feeding tour....

Or chilling out at the local jetty............

The holiday in Broome was AMAZING! =

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy New Financial Year!

So I'm five days late, and in the accounting profession I guess that is somewhat an abomination but let me tell you - busy time ain't here yet! But it's well on it's way, with people wanting their moulah good and speedy!

So lover has been back for 4 glorious days and I can't spend enough time with him. He may beg to differ but I'm continuing to stick to him like a leech every spare moment I get {of course work seems to have other ideas}. Anyway a day off tomorrow to spend with him will be EXCELLENT.

How is everyone's Tuesday anyway? Good? Glad. Tuesday isn't too bad, I mean it isn't Monday, there's a point, tomorrow is humpday, another point... and then humpday isn't far from Thursday - which is late night shopping - then after Thursday comes Friday, Friday gotta get down on Fridayyyy... if I'm not wrong you just sang that in your head to the tune of Rebecca Black - Friday. Bahah sorry about that but it's gotta be done.

So yes, Tuesday is a glorious day, plus I have Wednesday off, which is yet another reason to love the day of Tues. Anyway have a beautiful beautiful day and I hope that your dreams come true! =D

Do all you can to make everything beautiful :) xxox