Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Today is the Day That We Get Up & Say

That we stand for what we believe in... no matter who or what gets in our wayyyy...

Lyrics to a song I wrote when I was like... 14 haha :) Gotta love it.

So do all girls have that weird sort of paranoia that I get? I mean look at it this way, I loooove lover, freaking love him to death and trust him beyond the grave right. But he's in Broome, has been for over 3 weeks and is no doubt missing a bit of action you know? I'm sitting dutifully at home by myself and working weekends etc etc and he's 3000km away, so I get to thinking... maybe there are hot girls in Broome. Maybe there are beautiful girls where he's staying, maybe he's met a couple, maybe there's a couple in his room... I mean come on he's hot shit!

I know I know I sound like a stupid woman and I know lover would never ever cheat on me - like ever ever, but sitting here in this old house by myself every night. GAHHHH I just need to get over it, it will be so much better when boy is back here with me... but that's only for one short week before he's gone again. I miss him LOADS! Am I crazy? Does anyone else feel this way. Good godliness.

Do everything so it's beautiful, try not to be as crazy as me! :) xx

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