Monday, 27 June 2011

Return of the Lover

So it's three sleeps until the lover joins me once again! I keep getting requests from his friends, the hockey team etc. etc. for things we should all do when he gets back, and my response to everybody is the same... "Yeah maybe, if we can drag ourselves out of bed." Well come on now? This isn't news. Lover's been away for six weeks, SIX WEEKS! Six lonely, cuddling Bundy on the couch-filled weeks... and now that I have him back for 8 short days, I'm not sure I want to share him.

So I've tidied the house, tried to remove any trace of the dog being allowed to roam free (although she is inside today, as I couldn't bring myself to put her in her pen in this pouring rain) and just general cleaning so that I can come home to a beautiful tidy house.

I am so fucuxing excited. I'm just trying to not embarass myself in my excitement, I'm anxiously crossing off the days on the calendar as I count down to lover's return, (yes literally crossing them off, I don't even have a calendar so I had to print one out - don't judge me, you'd do the same ;).

So! Without having any contact for the past 8 days and no contact until I can pick him up from the airport I am washing my sexiest jeans and favourite top so that I can be all primped and preened for my beautiful beautiful man to greet him at the airport. I even warned him advance (this was only two weeks into his 6 week absence) that I will be doing the movie run and jump when I see him, and that he should probably drop what luggage he has in preparation of my exuberance. It will be EPIC.

So this is where I leave you today... full of excitement (well you probably aren't but I am excited enough for all of us ;) Remember! Do everything so that it's beautiful :) xx

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