Monday, 27 June 2011

New Layout =D

I thought it only fitting to add a new post to my new layout... I feel terribly accomplished having figured out how to apply layouts from the interwebs =)

So to celebrate, I'd like to share with you some of my FAVOURITE time wasting websites...

  1. - an excellent compendium of people that fail on facebook. Although I have to warn you, reading of this will make you want to end your life as it displays what is wrong with the world today.
  2. - definitely a great time waster :) there is not much better than reading the satirical comics & meme's that people submit... it takes a couple of pages to get into what it's all about, but when you're addicted, you're addicted for life =)
  3. - it is really quite hilarious reading everybody else's sucky life moments :) a lot of people probably already know about this one, but it's fantastic :) always reminds you that life could be worse!
  4. - this is a great website that compiles a whole bunch of random text messages that leave you guessing at the situation behind the hilarity =D.
  5. - this is the rude stuff that can't go on the memebase main page :D it's hilarious and can only be accessed via direct link as there isn't a clicky button on the page anymore.
  6. - I'm sure I've posted about this website before but I just love the way you can play a word game for free and donate rice to hungry people! :) 
So go forth my lovelies and entertain yourselves!

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