Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Missing the man and Kangas of the Roos

You'll never guess what happened to me today - I hit a mother f*cking kangaroo. The big b*stard came out of nowhere, and it was literally on dark. I pulled over and was shaking, these lovely people behind me pulled over and came to check out the damage. The front of the car is allll banged up and it was hissing, so he told me to drive home quick before I ran out of liquid in the radiator. So I arrived home and made the tearful call to my sweet lover. God I was so shaken up, and now my car it undriveable and in need of major fixing, aaaand I only have 3rd party insurance. On top of that, due to a miscommunication with the "Great Southern Institute of Technology" I missed my f*cking exam. So today sucks arse.

Also I am finding it harder than I'd thought it would be with lover gone. I do love him terribly and it's really hard being away from him for so long. Especially after I was terribly sick all day yesterday and I had nobody to take care of me :( I have had a terrible start to this week, so touchwood it can only get better. I printed off a calendar today so that I can cross off the days until lover returns =).

If anyone has any advice on how to cope with such absences from lovers pleeeaase let me know, being home alone every night sucks bumhole, Bundy is great but definitely not the same. It'll be a whole 5 weeks and 5 days total that lover is away, and there are three weeks and three days left to go. I've even marked on my calender each week period. Hah! I'm falling into a pathetic hole!

Anyway any ideas on how to keep myself occupied would be FANTASTIC! =)

Do everything so that it's beautiful. xx

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