Monday, 27 June 2011

Fun With the Girls

So we went out the other weekend (sorry it's taking me so long to get the pics & info to you!) and we had an excellent girly time! We went to Lime 303 and had an excellent meal with excellent cocktails;

This is the in house cocktail :) The Lime 303. It was AMAZING =)

My outfit for the night haha :) and also what I will be wearing to pic lover up from the airport! ON FRIDAY! THREE SLEEPS BABY!!!


  1. I like how we women choose outfits for things way ahead of time... When my husband went away to work for 3 months, I had my airport outfit picked out two weeks in advance lol Great shirt!

  2. Haha yes it is definitely a must! Thanks I picked it up at an op shop with the brand new tags still on it, it was such a good buy, I don't even mind admitting where I got it! :)