Friday, 3 June 2011

Another Day Another Rumor

So here I am in this small town where nothing is sacred. Lover has left and been gone for almost two whole weeks. TWO WEEKS. Apart from this fast approaching my longest dry spell since losing them V plates of mine, I miss all the comforts of being in a couple. So anyhow I've been spending a lot more time with my buds than usual - as you do when your partner isn't there for you to spend time with. Low and behold ONE WEEK after lover has left there are rumors rife about town of my apparent infidelity.

Worst of all, these rumors have originated from someone I once considered a close friend. All I ask is when the fuck does it stop!? Sorry about the language, I had to go on a whole afternoon of damage repair because one gossipy girl couldn't keep her mouth shut. I had to contact lover's brother, parents, my parents, my alleged 'hookup buddy' and inform everyone of this bullshit and that it was in fact, bullshit. I can't believe what some people will say to entertain themselves, go out, get a life, entertain yourself! Don't talk shit about other people just to get your fix. So there's my little spiel. I just get so frustrated! Don't you, don't other people get pissed that they can't do anything without people starting crap? Is it jealousy? That makes a little more sense than anything else anyhow.

Ok so if anybody could possibly point out why this happens that'd be great. Cheers loves.

Don't start shit - do everything so that it's beautiful :) xx

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