Wednesday, 29 June 2011

One Sleep!

I am just about jumping out of my skin in excitement :) One more sleep until I can see lover again!

I actually managed to haul my ass outta bed at the still pitch black hour of half six because my excitement was too great for me to actually sleep some more. So in true excited woman style I packed my bags, organised my house and had a lovely hot hot shower before arriving at work early. Yesterday I forgot my key and had to wait until my lovely bud got to work before I could get in.

So lover called yesterday :) and I'm ecstatic because he got in a day earlier than he was going to be, and I will admit, I cried a little when I heard his voice. What? You gonna judge me now? I miss the man! It was so good to be able to talk to him after 9 days of no communication whatsoever.

So tonight I have modeling, no doubt more chats to the lover, probably on Skype and then tomorrow I'll be out of bed earlier than I was today at this rate and heading to the big smoke to pic up the love of my life! Ahhh life is sweet when there's a light fast approaching =)

Do everything so that it's beautiful xx


I'm in a terrible terrible mood. Awful day. I don't even want to stop being angry.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Fun With the Girls

So we went out the other weekend (sorry it's taking me so long to get the pics & info to you!) and we had an excellent girly time! We went to Lime 303 and had an excellent meal with excellent cocktails;

This is the in house cocktail :) The Lime 303. It was AMAZING =)

My outfit for the night haha :) and also what I will be wearing to pic lover up from the airport! ON FRIDAY! THREE SLEEPS BABY!!!

New Layout =D

I thought it only fitting to add a new post to my new layout... I feel terribly accomplished having figured out how to apply layouts from the interwebs =)

So to celebrate, I'd like to share with you some of my FAVOURITE time wasting websites...

  1. - an excellent compendium of people that fail on facebook. Although I have to warn you, reading of this will make you want to end your life as it displays what is wrong with the world today.
  2. - definitely a great time waster :) there is not much better than reading the satirical comics & meme's that people submit... it takes a couple of pages to get into what it's all about, but when you're addicted, you're addicted for life =)
  3. - it is really quite hilarious reading everybody else's sucky life moments :) a lot of people probably already know about this one, but it's fantastic :) always reminds you that life could be worse!
  4. - this is a great website that compiles a whole bunch of random text messages that leave you guessing at the situation behind the hilarity =D.
  5. - this is the rude stuff that can't go on the memebase main page :D it's hilarious and can only be accessed via direct link as there isn't a clicky button on the page anymore.
  6. - I'm sure I've posted about this website before but I just love the way you can play a word game for free and donate rice to hungry people! :) 
So go forth my lovelies and entertain yourselves!

Return of the Lover

So it's three sleeps until the lover joins me once again! I keep getting requests from his friends, the hockey team etc. etc. for things we should all do when he gets back, and my response to everybody is the same... "Yeah maybe, if we can drag ourselves out of bed." Well come on now? This isn't news. Lover's been away for six weeks, SIX WEEKS! Six lonely, cuddling Bundy on the couch-filled weeks... and now that I have him back for 8 short days, I'm not sure I want to share him.

So I've tidied the house, tried to remove any trace of the dog being allowed to roam free (although she is inside today, as I couldn't bring myself to put her in her pen in this pouring rain) and just general cleaning so that I can come home to a beautiful tidy house.

I am so fucuxing excited. I'm just trying to not embarass myself in my excitement, I'm anxiously crossing off the days on the calendar as I count down to lover's return, (yes literally crossing them off, I don't even have a calendar so I had to print one out - don't judge me, you'd do the same ;).

So! Without having any contact for the past 8 days and no contact until I can pick him up from the airport I am washing my sexiest jeans and favourite top so that I can be all primped and preened for my beautiful beautiful man to greet him at the airport. I even warned him advance (this was only two weeks into his 6 week absence) that I will be doing the movie run and jump when I see him, and that he should probably drop what luggage he has in preparation of my exuberance. It will be EPIC.

So this is where I leave you today... full of excitement (well you probably aren't but I am excited enough for all of us ;) Remember! Do everything so that it's beautiful :) xx

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Today I learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes to be the bigger man is the best way to solve things. No you may not 'win' the fight, and you might not come out on top saying 'See! I was right' (god I'm good at rhyming :P) but in the end you will know it's the right thing.

I've just apologised to someone that I had hurt, and although I don't approve of how they handled it, when I realised I was willing to let it all go in order to move on, a sense of peace sort of blanketed me. I knew that I'd done the right thing, and this was the best step forward.

Deep down we all know what the right thing to do is, but we look for easier alternatives. Don't cheap out, just bite the bullet, I can thoroughly recommend the results :)

Do everything so that it's beautiful xx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Lesson Learned

Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I could see forward in hindsight, however I've made my mistakes and try to move on the best I can.

A Prize Piece

So this is a bit of writing I did today... I feel as though it's the best I've done in a while and so I thought I'd share it with you all... it's more of a story starter than a short story as there's no ending... enjoy!

NOTE: Just a language warning on this one guys, there's a touch of potty mouth :)

I found my sister. I saw her and my heart leapt. Her face was red, and tears were flowing freely. That woman was there, why couldn’t she just leave her alone? I rushed to her, my arms outstretched. I pulled her close to me, felt her sobbing against my chest as I held her tightly to me. I had to protect her. The woman was saying something, trying to justify bringing my sister to tears like this. 

“If you have issues with me, they are between you and me, there’s no need to bring my sister into this.”  I heard myself say. I just wanted her to stop, to leave us so that I could stop the tears, so that I could make my little sister smile again. She was talking again but I wasn’t paying attention, I just wanted my little sister’s hurt to stop.

She couldn’t stand, she sat down on the gravel, dirtying her apron and continued to sob. I knelt next to her and held her close. The woman was still talking.

“I’m sorry but you’ll just have to get back to work.” She barked before walking off. I tried in vain to calm my closest friend. I held her close to me and tried to soothe her. As the flow of tears steadied and her sobs ceased to wrack her body I pulled away.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, “I can take you home, put on your shirt and finish your shift if you’d like,”

“No,” she replied, ever the trooper. “I just want her to go so that I can finish my shift. I just want to work and take my mind off things.”

I sighed. I didn’t know how to improve her pain. I helped her stand and walked her around to the front so that she could dry her tears.

“I’m here,” I said as we walked in. I purchased a coffee and a newspaper and sat at a table out the front. She came to confront me. I had no words. I couldn’t talk to this woman that was spitting vile and thoughtless things to me. I despised this town, I listened to her quarrel, searching for a way to make her see the light, but she wouldn’t have for all my efforts.

I’m sick of this town. Of the rumours and bullshit that goes around. Apparently I’d said some pretty nasty stuff that had her in tears. Apparently I’d said them to a close friend of mine that had confided in her. Apparently I think I can get away with anything because I’m gorgeous. That is what hurt me most of all, this woman scolding me like a child. I was clueless as to how I was to handle the situation, it was word against word. Nothing I could say to her would convince her of my confusion and innocence. Once a mind is made it can’t be unmade. I told her that apparently I sleep with a different bloke every weekend – that’s this town. A ‘close’ friend of mine had started that rumour – who’s to say another ‘close’ friend of mine didn’t start this one?

I’m beyond caring. If at her age, she seeks out the helpless younger sister of the person she has an issue with, what is she proving? What has my sister done to provoke her so? Nothing. I can vouch for that. She walked off.

Now my hands were numb. I couldn’t feel them, they’d gone all pins and needle-y and I could hardly move my fingers. My top lip was the same. I sat in the chair clasping my hands together to keep myself calm. I sat there until the feeling had passed and I could regain a sense of myself. How did this woman have this effect on me. She walked past.

“Friends and family aren’t allowed to just hang around and not do anything but of course you probably know that,” She said as she walked away.

Well fuck that. I was a paying customer, who said it wasn’t my right to sit in the chair at the bakery and drink my coffee and read my paper eh? Now who is clutching at straws.

I stayed there until she left. I wasn’t going to leave my sister with her at the risk of being attacked again. Who does she think she is to victimise my sister when she’d done nothing wrong? She didn’t own the joint, but carries about herself an air as though she does when the bosses leave. Fair enough she is in charge and perhaps I’m being a judgemental bitch here, but no, she doesn’t own the joint and she has absolutely no right to reduce my sister to tears that way.

I can’t wait to leave this town. I have to get out of here. With lover away it’s even harder to deal with the bullshit and the backstabbing friends and the watching what you say every way you turn. I just want to leave, get out of this wretched, gossipy town and make a start elsewhere. With new friends, friends that will look out for me like I look out for them. Not friends that start a rumour that you’re a cheating bitch the first weekend your partner is away.

- Copywright Julienne Carter June 2011. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Today is the Day That We Get Up & Say

That we stand for what we believe in... no matter who or what gets in our wayyyy...

Lyrics to a song I wrote when I was like... 14 haha :) Gotta love it.

So do all girls have that weird sort of paranoia that I get? I mean look at it this way, I loooove lover, freaking love him to death and trust him beyond the grave right. But he's in Broome, has been for over 3 weeks and is no doubt missing a bit of action you know? I'm sitting dutifully at home by myself and working weekends etc etc and he's 3000km away, so I get to thinking... maybe there are hot girls in Broome. Maybe there are beautiful girls where he's staying, maybe he's met a couple, maybe there's a couple in his room... I mean come on he's hot shit!

I know I know I sound like a stupid woman and I know lover would never ever cheat on me - like ever ever, but sitting here in this old house by myself every night. GAHHHH I just need to get over it, it will be so much better when boy is back here with me... but that's only for one short week before he's gone again. I miss him LOADS! Am I crazy? Does anyone else feel this way. Good godliness.

Do everything so it's beautiful, try not to be as crazy as me! :) xx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cute or Lame?

So lover and I send each other pics of ourselves every day - a daily pic, so that we remember what we look like.

Cute or Lame? I think cute, but I guess if I heard other people doing it I'd be like... oh my god how gay..

Anyway :) food for thought :) xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

We Just Wanna Make the World Dance.... Forget About the Price Tag....

Everybody look to their left (yeah)
Everybody look to their right (ha)
Can you feel that (yeah)
We're paying with love tonight
It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag
Ain't about the (uh) Cha-Chang Cha-Chang.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Blang Ba-Blang
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag.

Lyrics to Price Tag by Jessie J

Does anyone else think that the lyrics to this song are stupid? Not just you know, a stupid topic, because I think the topic is great... but I was listening to this song in the car the other day and I was driving (and I'd already done a few hours driving that day so forgive me for this) and I thought... it's kind of hypocritical don't you think?

Ok so here's what I mean, this chick is singing about "the money don't matter, lets make everybody dance and all be happy, yay yay yay and we can all eat rainbows and poop out money". Ok fair enough - then I gotsta thinkin'... wouldn't you be making a pretty sweet buck out of this 'money don't matter' song?

As it turns out.. the clever little minx made it to number one in France, Belgium, New Zealand, UK Singles Chart, Ireland, Hungary, and Germany and made it to number two in Australia... so you tell me... reckon she's earnt her fair share? You'd wanna bet. Now I'm not jealous... actually I am insanely jealous. She even gets to dress up cool and dance and sing and stuff and she gets paid for it ---- spewwwin!

Anyhow - do everything so it's beautiful :) xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

And gifts shall be brought unto thee...

So body shop arrived today! And I've never been happier :) I freaking love all of my beautiful products that I've bought to spoilt myself with =D

I have gone a little over the top haha, but I'm most excited about the milk bath!! It's a powder and you put 1 tbs into your bath and it turns it into liquid silk... mmmm feels sooo damn good I can't wait to go home and use it! Of course that'll have to wait until after modelling. I feel like I'm so busy nowdays. I have to finish cleaning the house tonight too, so that it's spotless as there are people coming through the house to look at it tomorrow... so there goes my relaxing milk bath - you never know, I may just have a late bedtime and have a milk bath at like eleven or something =)

Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy myself with the spoils of my hard earned moulah :D

Do everything so that it's beautiful xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Marty the Mud Crab =)

So it's back to work today after a beautiful 11 days off. I have to say I almost missed the daily grind, but only because I didn't really know what to do with myself when I was home alone with my goggy. Lover is sending me through photo's of the wonderful time he is having... here is Marty the Mudcrab that he got to go catch the other day, and has spent the last few days dining on the delicacy.

Jealous? I know I freaking am, and I don't even like eating crab! Anyway enough rubbing it in for now, no doubt I'll post later when I'm all upset and missing the lover but as of now I am just ploughing through the day as it comes - trying to keep busy so it goes quick! So seeya! I have some busying to do :)

Make everything beautiful. xx

Missing the man and Kangas of the Roos

You'll never guess what happened to me today - I hit a mother f*cking kangaroo. The big b*stard came out of nowhere, and it was literally on dark. I pulled over and was shaking, these lovely people behind me pulled over and came to check out the damage. The front of the car is allll banged up and it was hissing, so he told me to drive home quick before I ran out of liquid in the radiator. So I arrived home and made the tearful call to my sweet lover. God I was so shaken up, and now my car it undriveable and in need of major fixing, aaaand I only have 3rd party insurance. On top of that, due to a miscommunication with the "Great Southern Institute of Technology" I missed my f*cking exam. So today sucks arse.

Also I am finding it harder than I'd thought it would be with lover gone. I do love him terribly and it's really hard being away from him for so long. Especially after I was terribly sick all day yesterday and I had nobody to take care of me :( I have had a terrible start to this week, so touchwood it can only get better. I printed off a calendar today so that I can cross off the days until lover returns =).

If anyone has any advice on how to cope with such absences from lovers pleeeaase let me know, being home alone every night sucks bumhole, Bundy is great but definitely not the same. It'll be a whole 5 weeks and 5 days total that lover is away, and there are three weeks and three days left to go. I've even marked on my calender each week period. Hah! I'm falling into a pathetic hole!

Anyway any ideas on how to keep myself occupied would be FANTASTIC! =)

Do everything so that it's beautiful. xx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I Love the Life I Live

The laughter and the tears, I don't know where I'm going but I like it like it is...

So anyway here I am after another long hard day of doing sweet FA :) You know I walked my dog and cleaned the house, but girls that are like "Oh my god, I'm so exhausted, I like cleaned the whole house and did loads of washing today, I'm so exhausted, I work so damn hard, blah blah blah..." I mean come the f*ck on. Everybody has to come home after a long day at work and cook dinner, clean the house and make sure they have clean clothes for the next day. Jesus! I mean if you're a stay at home missus and do all your fellow's washing while he earns the big bucks, its the same YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK. Now girls that do all their fellow's stuff and work full time - I'll say it right now, you're an idiot - make that fucker do it himself.

However girls with babies are the exception, having a kid is definitely a full time job, and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone but good on them.

But basically, girls that bitch and moan about housework, get the f*ck over it, it is a part of everybodies life, and just because you hate it doesn't mean that nobody else has to deal with it. So suck it. There we go, my bitch for today. So here we are at the close of another day and I'm heading off to a bonfire with my fam for a nice chilled out evening before getting an early night for a 5am shift tomorrow. So here's to 4am wakeup calls! :D

Do everything so that it's beautiful, xx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Bundy Rumbah!

Here's that better pic I promised ;)

Bundaberg Rum

So I adopted a dog from the RSPCA last Saturday, and I've had her almost a week now, and I think I'm in love. She's 4, a rotti x kelpie and the best behaved dog of my life :) Of course because she isn't a little puppy she's trained and stuff, and she loves to play fetch and is super athletic, until I sit down on the couch when she becomes my cuddly little puppah! =)

There is a terrible pic of her below, I'll upload a better one soon!

Another Day Another Rumor

So here I am in this small town where nothing is sacred. Lover has left and been gone for almost two whole weeks. TWO WEEKS. Apart from this fast approaching my longest dry spell since losing them V plates of mine, I miss all the comforts of being in a couple. So anyhow I've been spending a lot more time with my buds than usual - as you do when your partner isn't there for you to spend time with. Low and behold ONE WEEK after lover has left there are rumors rife about town of my apparent infidelity.

Worst of all, these rumors have originated from someone I once considered a close friend. All I ask is when the fuck does it stop!? Sorry about the language, I had to go on a whole afternoon of damage repair because one gossipy girl couldn't keep her mouth shut. I had to contact lover's brother, parents, my parents, my alleged 'hookup buddy' and inform everyone of this bullshit and that it was in fact, bullshit. I can't believe what some people will say to entertain themselves, go out, get a life, entertain yourself! Don't talk shit about other people just to get your fix. So there's my little spiel. I just get so frustrated! Don't you, don't other people get pissed that they can't do anything without people starting crap? Is it jealousy? That makes a little more sense than anything else anyhow.

Ok so if anybody could possibly point out why this happens that'd be great. Cheers loves.

Don't start shit - do everything so that it's beautiful :) xx