Monday, 16 May 2011

Work Sucks. I Know. She Left Me Roses By The Stairs.

Suprises let me know she cares.

Anyway back to the topic of work sucks. It sure does. We all sit and hate our job at one time or another, and why? Because we HAVE to do it. That's my theory on everything that we hate. What we HAVE to do we resent, whereas if it were an option, we'd probably not resent it so much (this probably doesn't go for  picking up dog shit or anything like that, pretty sure we'd still hate that if we didn't have to do it). I haaaate work.

Working at the bakery however, I loved. I don't know if it was the pay, the delicious fatty foods or the busyness of the day that got it over fast that I loved or just the job. But yeah, probably not the job.

Ok and now back to the topic of Blink 182. They are amazing are they not, this song is pretty much liked by the world and it's become somewhat of an anthem in the lives of people around me - and in my life. If you don't like this song - GET THE F*CK OUT! =D It's legendary.

Even the film clip has the taste of legendary on it =)

Make everything beautiful xx

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