Monday, 16 May 2011

And what a long time it has been.

Well here we are with yet another blog posting a thousand and eleventy years after the last - but as they say, things do get better with age... however I imagine that there is a cut off. Such as with sex. I can't imagine that not going downhill with age... anyhow lets crack on before we all start imagining our parents in compromising sex acts.

Not much interesting happenings have happened of late. Apart from paying for most of my holiday - which I am THOROUGHLY excited about. We are staying at Huski Apartments, in the penthouse suite - and it is truly amazing! And we're catching a limo from the airport to the hotel/lodge whatever. I can not WAIT. Anyway that's about all interesting that's been going on in my life.

My sister came down from the big smoke and brought her little bubba to host a Body Shop party for me, which was excellent! It was a 'champagne and shimmer' theme makeup party so I provided the guests with some complimentary champagne and we all had a great time! I ordered way too much, but there was a large amount of sales so I got most of it for under half price! A great weekend - I thoroughly recommend having one yourself.

Now it's been about three minutes and I've already rambled three boring long paragraphs and mentioned parental sex, penthouse apartments and champagne. So to end that on a good note, so long and I promise to post more frequently! =)

Do everything so that it's beautiful.

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